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New Localization process

With the release of Sim Update 10, there has been a change made to the way that LOC files are handled. Previously, your LOC files could be placed anywhere within the project hierarchy and the sim would parse the entire package and create a LocPak file at the end from any files it finds. However, this is no longer the case and from SU11 onwards the following rules must be followed:

SimObjects and Missions: Each simobject should have a “Localization” folder beside the main XML file and other required folders within the PackageSources, for example:


All other packages: There is a new Asset Group for all other items that may require localisation, for example:


This group can be created using the wizard from the project editor, or added manually into the top level of the project sources, eg:


This is a breaking change, as any files that are not placed in the appropriate location(s) for the package will now be ignored.

For more information on this change - and localization in general - please see the following documentation:

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Hi @SonantAlpaca thanks for the heads up.

I am a bit confused, this is required for SU10 projects? or for SU11 projects onwards? the reason I ask is because I just submitted an update yesterday to MP.. I ran the build and pack for market place and saw nothing in the console for errors but now I am scared about your post since you are mentioning this is from SU10.

We receive .LOC files from the Microsoft market place team for the aircraft description and they always instruct 3rd party developers to put them on the main folder alongside with the aircraft.cfg file, are we safe to continue doing this until SU11 is released? can we start updating projects to the new method slowly now? or we have to wait until SU11 is out and do them all? I am concerned about the workload with multiple projects and suddenly everyone submitting to market place updates for all their products causing a massive impact on the release of products due to long queues...

Thanks in advance for any help clarifying the best way to proceed forward with this change.

Best Regards,

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