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SU11 flighting information & release notes

Hello everyone.

Here are the release notes for the SU11 flighting version of the game.

SU11 Flighting online documentation available here:

The SDK 0.20.1 is available as well from the from the flighting version of the game.

Here are some important things to note, regarding this game version:

- The GLTF validator is now checking that the number of attributes of all vertices are identical for a mesh. This can trigger errors on package build and some of these errors are potentially caused by an error in the 3DS Max exporter. We are investigating this as we speak and will provide a fix in a later version of the SDK.

- The SimObject folder structure that was documented for SU10 will now be enforced on package build.
Check this page for more information: SimObjects (

- An issue with some airport projected meshes related assets being loaded upon airport selection in the world map and not being cleared when no longer needed has been identified. This will cause memory leak and require you to restart the game to free the memory. Our engine team is already working on a fix.

- A list of WASM changes detailed here: Post, WASM changes for SU11, Published Successfully (





  • A link to DevSupport has been added to the DevMode bar
  • Weather Debug : New developer debug window to display and debug detailed weather data
  • Added new "Aircraft data" debug window


  • The editor no longer crashes when trying to add new items
  • Fixed an issue where having multiple active Bing Map graphics could cause a CTD while getting elevation data under high load
  • Fixed an issue where loading navdata packages with BGL navdata deletion flags could cause ident search and other navdata lookup failures
  • Fixed an issue where an overriding package containing navdata loading the same facility ICAO as an earlier loaded package would be unable to change the QMID of the facility and would receive "facility in a different QMID than the ICAO index list thinks" error


  • Opening "Online Documentation" using DevMode now opens "flighting" online documentation if the build is a beta one

Project Editor


  • NEW! Bundle/Pack objects available in the project editor, check official documentation for more information
  • NEW! Import item Feature to import an existing package or bundle/pack to the current project. Check official documentation for more information
  • "Heliport" section to "World" category for Marketplace
  • "Back/Next" flow for a lot of successive popups in the project editor


  • Bushtrip save behavior in case you have multiple bushtrips in the same package
  • Timestamps are now properly updated when removing files from previously compiled asset groups
  • The Material Inspector message that stated "Editing material 'M' from library 'L'", It now states "Editing material 'M' from package 'P'"
  • Some metadata and release notes not being correctly copied during a project "Save As"
  • Thumbnail not being loaded in project until drawing it in the inspector, fixing potential issues
  • The "Export & Build" window no longer resizes each time the export mode is changed
  • "Remove Filter" window is now properly resized on first opening
  • The input values to change release notes version no longer loose focus each time a character change
  • Adding a new release note version now selects it
  • Using undo/redo while changing release notes versions now keeps the current version selected
  • "Build & Export" duplicating or adding files from packages that are not selected to the .zip archive
  • Sources paths for BGL, Mission and Visual Effects asset groups that could result in a bug when adding several packages/asset groups of the same type in a project
  • Post Build/Export user agreement windows are now properly resized on first appearance


  • Removed "Update Package/Group name" button, instead do the update on enter or when loosing focus
  • Input values in release notes tab now prevents user from entering irrelevant values
  • The Package Builder now automatically lists Airports, POIs and Missions in "ContentInfo\ContentHistory.json"

Scenery Editor:


  • New way to edit taxisigns directly in their properties window. Check the official documentation for more informations
  • Helipad start edition for Helipad objects in the scenery editor.
  • Show warning for vector placement with several meshes
  • Helpers for LightPreset "direction" and "direction2" vectors
  • Option ""Disable TIN color correction"


  • The editor no longer crashes when trying to add new items
  • Fixed gizmo scaling value in "Gizmo" window not updating properly
  • Polygons that are not refreshed when opening a project
  • Material button
  • Little shifting when resizing large rectangular aprons
  • Rectangular apron picking
  • Vehicles not hidden by tunnels or exclusion polygons
  • Display name is reset when replacing model
  • Debug OSM feature points and OSM power lines debug
  • Debug terraforming
  • A scenario where delete nav command that remove nav data from its own package
  • Gizmo scale axis
  • Large independent proj mesh disappearing when moving them


  • Improved dev camera focus on object
  • Improved polygon picking
  • VASI/PAPI better placement on the first spawn

Aircraft Editor:


  • Manifold pressure settings to engines.cfg (manifold_pressure_correction_by_rpm ; manifold_pressure_min )
  • New parameters were added to the aircraft config-files
  • Support for negative drag on negative flaps. Tuned negative drag for CTSL
  • New parameter recip_stop_min_acceleration" for minimum acceleration below which we completely stop the propeller. Default to 2.0
  • Legacy_fm_only option to allow plane makers to force the exclusive usage of the legacy flight model


  • Debug wheels now displays longitudinal and lateral friction forces separately
  • "Teleport on camera" and "Save&Reload" and "Camera save" button in tab Cameras
  • Bug on indexed parameters moving, duplication, adding and removing
  • Undo/Redo; Added min size of Indexed parameters; fixed duplicating camera GUID
  • Fuel tank and station load debug visualization
  • Parameters labels
  • Display of lift_coef_aoa_table parameter


  • Filled up debug variables for cylinder friction and torque
  • Required parameters are now force written
  • UI/UX improvement regarding float3 parameters

Visual Effects Editor:


  • The BezierCurve node has a Loop parameter to wrap the sampling of the curve when the input is outside the boundaris of the points of the curve [fixed]
  • Alt+LeftClick now properly destroys a link in the effect data, not only visually until the graph is refreshed [improved]
  • Unit dropdown menu on the SimVar node inspector is now tall enough to display unit list below the filter




  • Support for 3D Studio Max 2023 in SDK installer


  • Progress text in SDK installer
  • Relative path fixed in the options of the multiexporter for 3dsmax

Package Tool:


  • Compilation error for models with more than 9 model attachments
  • Submodel merging now also fails when there are duplicate animations in the base mode


  • glTF compilation now fails in case of duplicate animations in the source file
  • Improvements on Package order tool
  • Misleading timestamp error message has been removed when compiling an empty Material Library through the Package Builder



  • It is now possible to request a Vor, a Ndb or a Waypoint knowing only its ICAO. In case of conflict, the API will return a list of possibilities
  • It is now possible to request ICAO, REGION and IS_TERMINAL_WPT while requesting waypoint



  • TURB ENG THRUST EFFICIENCY LOSS, TURB ENG FUEL EFFICIENCY LOSS, TURB ENG N1 LOSS, and TURB ENG COOLING EFFICIENCY LOSS simvars, to aid in simulating turbine engine bleed air efficiency losses and mechanical wear/failures


  • AUTOPILOT AVAILABLE now returns the correct value (returned always 1)



  • It is now possible to make HTTP request through Wasm. See documentation for more information


  • SimConnect_AISetAircraftFlightPlan and SimConnect_AICreateEnrouteATCAircraft used in a wasm environment, are now linked to the work folder


  • Set 2D custom LLA uses now geoid reference
  • Optimization of Wasm module is now forced by default while compiling in Release Mode through Visual Studio
  • Compilation time performance improvements, translating to faster loading times the first time an aircraft is loaded




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Simbol avatar image Simbol commented ·

@FlyingRaccoon @Boris_

I can't find any information on these variables in the flighting documentation.


Nothing in the engine sections, nothing in the simvars sections either.. Maybe they are missing on the docs? any information you guys could share about these vars?

Best Regards,

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Boris_ avatar image Boris_ ♦ Simbol commented ·

Hi @Simbol,
The documentation will be updated

Thank you for reporting this :),


1 Like 1 ·
Nocturne avatar image Nocturne Simbol commented ·

Sorry, they didn't make it into the documentation for the initial release. They will be in the next flighting SDK update.

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