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MSFS Logbook Analyzer

Hi Flight Simmers,
I have developed a logbook reader / parser / analyzer that can read the MSFS Logbook file and export to a CSV file with your flight data.
It can already read and identify:
. Date/time of the flight . Aircraft . Departure and arrival airport (if any) . Departure and arrival coordinates . Type of flight
I am now working on finding and exporting the following data: . Starting altitude . Duration of the flight . Path . Events

I have made hundreds of tests with my own logbook files, but I would like to start testing with some other people's files. If you are interested in providing your logbook file and receiving the CSV back to analyze, you'll be welcome. Please contact me on this thread or email me on so we can arrange how we should exchange the files.
Best regards
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N6722C avatar image N6722C commented ·

I Log Book Backup, Restore tool would be a great extension to your analyzer..
A log book EDITOR would go the extra mile ...

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fchamone avatar image fchamone N6722C commented ·


I think the logbook is stored on the Xbox cloud, and downloaded to the local file by the game. I think this file cannot be modified or restaured, because the valid data is on the cloud.

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EPellissier avatar image EPellissier ♦♦ commented ·


I don't think this is the right platform for such a post. The MSFS SDK team is here (to try) to answer developers questions, not help them gather data from other people.

Maybe you could try the SDK section in the official forums for this?

This article may be deleted in the very near future.

Best regards,

Eric / Asobo

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fchamone avatar image fchamone EPellissier ♦♦ commented ·

I have some questions about the logbook, maybe you could help me with those:

1 - Can you provide the logbook file layout, specification or any other info related to it ?

2 - Is the starting altitude saved on the file anywhere ? Can you provide more info about it ?

3 - I found the field that seems to be the "flight time", starting very small and incrementing through the whole flight, but at the end the value is different from the TOTAL TIME OF FLIGHT found at the game logbook. Can you detail how the Total Time is calculated ?

4 - Flight Path: it seems that the logbook contains the flight path. How is it registered ? By some time-interval (to collect the coordinates) or by some distance traveled ?

Thanks for the support,

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