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Adjustable Light bloom for LIGHT material (EmissiveMeshes)

Dear Asobo Dev-staff!

Currently there is no other choice than to deactivate the EmMesh flag for cockpit light surfaces as the bloom is much too etreme and looks like a nuke is exploding near to you.

So the request from the dev perspective would be now to have some XML choice to use a parameter on the light bloom effect to control its strength.

I tried to lower down the emissive map (not working as it has to be very dark and so gets a lot of compression artifacts even with high quality settings). Using a emissive channel multiplier to control the base output of the emissive channel before the bloom effect is applied also not works, as it seems out of control.

Also the emissive mutliplier "available" inside the 3DSMAX Material editor for the material not seems to do anything inside the sim (i tried very different settings to test it).

So the most logical thing to me would be to control the bloom at the object level (most convinient) or at least at the material level within a certain model. Would it be possible to add that in one of the coming SIM/DevTool updates?

Kindest Regards

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