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SU12 Flighting information & release notes

Hello everyone.

Here are the release notes for the SU12 flighting version of the game.

SU12 Flighting online documentation available here:

The SDK 0.21.0 is available as well from the flighting version of the game. Game version release notes:

Please use the new "SU12" topic (tag) to report any issue you encounter with this version.

Don't miss it

- The Cabri G2 has been added as an SDK sample

- AI Traffic changes, check game release notes above for more information.
Some limitations are still present, AI Traffic is still very sensitive to its environment, nearby aircraft or vehicles can impede its taxiing. Also ATC keeps the upper hand on some aspect so for example, ATC can assign a different approach than the requested one.

- Aircraft Wizard: an aircraft creation element was added to the wizard. Be aware that the provided templates are temporary and the tool itself can cause instability.

- WASM : Edit & Continue is now available and the debugging process has changed

And now the full SDK/DevMode release notes:

Developer Mode Changes



  • New tool to debug SimConnect, the SimConnect Inspector.
  • New Layout manager (from Options -> User Interface -> Layouts). You can save and load layouts and a new "default" layout - with editors and windows docked in appropriate places - has been created.


  • "Copy Layout To Clipboard" in Virtual File System tool.
  • Crash when attempting to spawn an FX on an invalid node.
  • Texture .FLAGS file creation in Material Editor.
  • Input text fields not updating correctly with texts longer than the frame box.
  • Taking screenshots and aircraft thumbnails from DevMode softlocking the game in Smart Docking Mode.


  • The devmode menu bar has been rearranged, with new menus and a better distinction between "Editors" and "Tools".
  • Removed useless entries in Info section of Virtual File System tool.
  • Added autoselection of newly added material in Material Editor.
  • Added range constraints for Bezier editor.
  • Package order tool now has the ability to bypass family rules with priorities.
  • Camera orbit on an object not snapped to ground.

Project Editor


  • New "Clean Bundle/Pack" button in Inspector.


  • Thumbnail not correctly saving when renaming an item.
  • Crash upon doing a "Save As" on project with same project name.
  • Bundle/Packs not cleaning when clicking on "Clean All"
  • Failure on import package that don't have a definition folder.
  • Crash when trying to build an asset group with an output path starting with "".
  • Marketplace Data -> Capture Thumbnail incorrect size.
  • Handling of Taxi Path errors


  • Clean Package now also checks no metadata files are opened before cleaning (only data file before).
  • Overall stability of renaming an item. _ Removing a Bundle/Pack now removes it _ No longer reset all creation fields when going "Back" between popups when creating a new item. _ Fix removing a package then undo not putting the package back in previous filter.
  • Removing an item now prompts the user to delete sources as well.
  • Renaming a package now changes the name of the package in the sources folders as well and its references in bundle/packs of current project.
  • Can't rename an asset group "MarketplaceData" anymore.
  • Start a new error displaying pipeline in project editor (View -> Error List).

Scenery Editor:


  • Package name displayed in the object list tooltip
  • Airport option to disable TIN color correction.
  • "Exclude airport" in the exclusion rectangle


  • Timestamp from layout.json not loaded
  • Default runway heading
  • Weird falloff on rectangles with heightmap
  • Range selection in scene tree that was ignoring filter.
  • Some water polygon issues
  • Runway Primary/Secondary Designator no longer centered when the runway width < 25m
  • ContolTower object list


  • Multiple edition for TaxiParking, TaxiSign, Light support and ExclusionRectangle
  • Terraforming. Important! - The terraforming system has been updated, it will no longer use an elevation map internally. As a result it will remove some staircase effects. But to not break existing packages, a version has been set to rectangles and polygons. The new terraforming method is only applied when a scene is saved by the scenery editor.

Aircraft Editor


  • [Helicopters] A governor switch check for turbine engines (so now it can be disengaged).
  • [Helicopters] The new engine trimmer can be adjusted via config file (please, see SDK Docs for details). Also added the engine trim value indication to the Engine Debug window.
  • [Helicopters] The hardcoded collective speed limit was moved to the config file (please, see SDK docs for details). The default value is kept the same for compatibility reason.
  • [Helicopters] A collective to throttle correlator, which can now be adjusted via config file.
  • [Helicopters] Main rotor friction (makes rotors rotate not too long after the engine is shutted down on the ground) which can be adjusted via config file (please, see SDK Docs for details). The default value is kept at 0 for compatibility reason. [Helicopters] The hardcoded value of the rotor braking torque is moved to the config file (please, see SDK Docs for details). The default value is kept the same for compatibility reason.
  • KEY_RECOGNITION_LIGHTS_SET as an input that can be held to represent a switch being enabled, and released to represent it being disabled.
  • Possibility to recover deleted data when changing configuration (change of engine, switch to/from legacy configuration, …).
  • New Aircraft Creation Wizard includes templates for various engines.
  • New parameter to CFG/Editor that allows you to fix the legacy flight model integration of the accelerations that was causing wrong accelerations and g-force calculations in the legacy fm. Integrated collision constraint response into the force calculation for g force estimation when on ground. This allows to have 1.0 when still on ground even with some suspension systems that don't have enough force to counter gravity.


  • [Helicopters] The float parameter governed_pct_rpm_ref in the [HELICOPTER] section of the flight_model.cfg was made to work (it existed in the .cfg but not used in the code). Please, see SDK Docs for details. [Helicopters] Issue that prevented InputEvents and JS from intercepting KeyEvents in helicopters.
  • Parsing of fields with spaces between values.
  • Crash when changing engine type.
  • Wrong parsing of Junction parameter in fuel system.
  • Engine Governor being incorrectly labelled.
  • SPOILERS SET key name and description.


  • [Helicopters] The maximum speed of throttle movement by the governor is now limited for turbine engines (the same way as it used to be for piston engines). This limitation can now be adjusted via config file (please, see SDK Docs for details). The default values for piston and turbine engines are kept the same for compatibility reason.
  • Increased maximum engine count to 16 engines.
  • Irrelevant parameters are commented out instead of being deleted to allow recovery of their values later.
  • Force presence of HYDRAULIC_SYSTEM section when required to avoid crashes.
  • Modified fields are marked with a '*'.
  • File tabs now fit their labels.
  • Removed obsolete parameters.
  • Added labels for indexed parameters for clarity.
  • Search Parameter subwindow UX.
  • Automatically removes section that are not needed for helicopters (flaps, etc...).




  • Cabri G2 Sample.


  • Tag behavior in panel.xml has been fixed.
  • DA62 Sample installer progress text.
  • Corrected an issue that caused the "schr" command in calculator code to return an invalid value.
  • Fixed a crash where long aircraft titles (if greater than 64 char) might crash the sim. Aircraft titles must be smaller than 128 chars.
  • Compilation of localization for missions using wrong absolute path.
  • Crash when loading glTF files that have animations in scenes that aren't loaded.
  • Crash when destroying models in the middle of the LOD update.


  • The console description field is now selectable.
  • Updated DA62 SDK sample.



  • New fields to the NavData API.
  • New function for Jetways - RequestJetwayData.
  • Pause event are now sent through SimConnect.
  • SIMCONNECT_ICAO should now be accessible in C#.


  • AddDataToDefinition will correctly translate localized strings.


  • Conflict management with incomplete data using NavData API.
  • AddDataToDefinition can now request "Lvar"s.
  • There is always the region code in the ICAO field while using RequestFacilitiesList/SubscribeToFacilities.


IMPORTANT: Debuggers (ie: the Visual Studio debugger) can no longer be attached to the executable by default. If you do, the simulation will crash. In order to be able to debug you WASM module, you have to pass the argument "-AllowDebugger" to the exe. In that mode, a debugger can be attached to the sim but some content will be "hidden" (encrypted package...)


  • Missing functions to Gdi+.
  • Experimental support for hot reloading code changes (aka Edit and Continue).


  • A bug with WASM and TS/JS glasscockpits using the zero pitch line of the PFD. The line now represents the 0° line of the aircraft.


  • Wasm compilation now uses LLVM15.



  • A section for detailing the JavaScript files related to glasscockpit creation has been added as well as other pages detailing some of the most important classes and methods. You can find more details from the following sections (NOTE: These pages are all still a work in progress and will be subject to changes and updates):
  • A page describing the [panel.xml] file has been added.


  • The documentation for the different DevMode menus has been updated to reflect structural changes that have been made to it (these changes are simply to improve usability and workflow).
  • A minor update has been made to the page describing the Coherent GT Debugger
  • Unit types have been added to the Environment Variables table.
  • Minor update to some of the Gliders key event descriptions.
  • Minor update to the Sound Definitions page to list the SimVars available to AI Aircraft.
  • The Audio Mixing Standards page has been updated to include additional information for gliders, helicopters, and fighter jets.
  • Minor update to the [engines.cfg] page with Note On Autofeathering.
  • The page covering SimConnect_AddToDataDefinition has been updated with information on L Vars.
  • The SimConnect documentation has been updated to cover the new Jetway API functions and structs: [SimConnect_RequestJetwayData], [SIMCONNECT_RECV_JETWAY_DATA], [SIMCONNECT_JETWAY_DATA].
  • The flight_model.cfg has been updated with the following new parameters:
    • In the [WEIGHT_AND_BALANCE] section of the CFG file and the Weight And Balance section of the aircraft editor: CG_feet_forward_limit, CG_feet_aft_limit, CG_feet_lateral_right_limit, CG_feet_lateral_left_limit.
    • In the [FLIGHT_TUNING] section of the CFG file and the Flight Tuning section of the aircraft editor: elevator_chordangle_scaler, rudder_chordangle_scalar, htail_maxangle_scalar, vtail_maxangle_scalar, stall_coef_at_min_weight, legacy_fm_new_integration.
    • In the [AIRPLANE_GEOMETRY] section of the CFG file and the Airplane Geometry section of the aircraft editor: load_g_limiter_g.
    • In the [HELICOPTER] section of the CFG file and the Helicopter section of the aircraft editor: collective_to_throttle_correlator, collective_to_throttle_correlator_1d, collective_to_throttle_correlator_2d, engine_trim_min, engine_trim_max, engine_trim_rate, governor_speed_limit, collective_move_rate_limit, rotor_brake_torque, rotor_friction_torque.
  • The [TURBINEENGINEDATA] section of the engine.cfg CFG file and the Turbine Engine Data section of the aircraft editor have been updated with the following parameter: use_gross_thrust_on_fuelflow.
  • The Flight Definitions page has been given a substantial update, including a new section listing every single ATC Message ID.
  • The Instruments page has been given a substantial update.
  • The panel.cfg page has been updated with a Note For Invisible Gauges.
  • The Miscellaneous Variables SimVars have been updated with DENSITY ALTITUDE.
  • The SimVar documentation has been updated to clarify the situation with regards to the availability of SimVars when multiplayer is active for a flight. Please see here for further information: Note On SimVars In Multiplayer
  • The RPN documentation has had a minor update to the section on SimVars And Keys.

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BuffyGC avatar image BuffyGC commented ·

Hi @FlyingRaccoon

Can we get a little more information on release note item 46: "Fixed various issues with starting stage in Bush Trips"?

It's not easy to test something when it's not known what was fixed, and I don't want to fill the beta forum with issues that were intentionally not fixed.

Thank you very much!


0 Likes 0 ·
FlyingRaccoon avatar image FlyingRaccoon ♦♦ BuffyGC commented ·

Hello @BuffyGC

It's exclusively a fix about the position of the aircraft on the runway.


1 Like 1 ·
GutsherrBus9 avatar image GutsherrBus9 commented ·

Is it still necessary to use Visual Studio 2019? Should Wasm compilation work and import correctly with Visual Studio 2022?

0 Likes 0 ·
FlyingRaccoon avatar image FlyingRaccoon ♦♦ GutsherrBus9 commented ·
Hello @GutsherrBus9

VS2022 should be ok to compile your WASM module.
Let us know if you encounter any issue.


0 Likes 0 ·
ZdenniZ avatar image ZdenniZ commented ·

Hi @FlyingRaccoon

Could you please comment if the issue described here on the main MSFS forum is reproduced and recognized as a bug?

Thank you.

0 Likes 0 ·
Boris_ avatar image Boris_ ♦ ZdenniZ commented ·

Hello @ZdenniZ ,

Can you create a new "question" about this here in devsupport and provide us with your package in a separate private comment please ? See 3) Provide Private Content


0 Likes 0 ·
ZdenniZ avatar image ZdenniZ Boris_ ♦ commented ·

Thanks, Boris, I created a new question here and provided the package in private.

1 Like 1 ·
vantech avatar image vantech commented ·

"Airport option to disable TIN color correction."

@FlyingRaccoon Could you please elaborate on this? I see no difference having it on or off (on an airport with very distinct TIN coloration, and with CGL covering some areas of the airport and TIN covering others)

0 Likes 0 ·
FlyingRaccoon avatar image FlyingRaccoon ♦♦ vantech commented ·

Hello @vantech

You'll find more explanations in this post: Colour Filter Applied to Australia - MSFS DevSupport (

So at YPAD, here's the difference between this option being enabled:

and disabled:



0 Likes 0 ·
1677835056763.png (1.4 MiB)
1677835100801.png (1.3 MiB)
vantech avatar image vantech FlyingRaccoon ♦♦ commented ·


Does this option only affect coloration on the projected mesh, or it also removes the filter on the TIN (similar to the "Remove TIN coloration" option under Debug/Terrain)?

Can it be used to remove the coloration beyond the airport perimeter? If so, how can I delimit the area? Eg. Around Calgary CYYC, TIN is way too dark due to the coloration filter. Deactivating coloration from Debug/Terrain fixes the issue. I would like to then exclude coloration for the area surrounding the airport. Is that possible?

0 Likes 0 ·
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FlyingsCool avatar image FlyingsCool commented ·

What's Density ATTITUDE? I assume that's a typo and should be Density ALTITUDE? And that the SIMVAR is spelled correctly? (Simconnect "added")

(And I notice it's correctly called out at the bottom of the page)

0 Likes 0 ·
FlyingRaccoon avatar image FlyingRaccoon ♦♦ FlyingsCool commented ·

DENSITY ALTITUDE is it obviously.
@Nocturne FYI

2 Likes 2 ·
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