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SonantAlpaca posted rhumbaflappy commented

** README ** [Important] LOD management since Xbox / SU5

In this new version, we have changed the way LODs behave on your sceneries, to get massive performance improvements. Here is how LODs work in this new version:

  • Objects with one single LOD disappear if their screen size is lower than 5%. (MAJOR CHANGE IS HERE: it used to be 0,5% in previous versions).
  • Objects with two LODs disappear if their screen size is lower than 2%.
  • Objects with three or more LODs disappear if their screen size is lower than 0.5%.
  • This is why we advise people to create at least 3 different LODs for their models, as it was stated in our Xbox guidelines published a few months ago on

If your objects only have 1 LOD, they will disappear at a smaller distance on XBOX.

On PC version, we've decided to flip back to the former LOD behaviour, so your users will see the exact same behaviour as they had in Sim Update 4.

But you can find an option in the DevMode, "Xbox LOD selection Mode", which can be activated and which will render the new LOD management system. This way, you'll be able to see how your scenery will render on Xbox.

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yorgosGK avatar image yorgosGK commented ·

Why do custom jetways vanish then if they are LOD0. Im about to release an airport and now it doesnt have jetways...

When can we expect anything on this or a workaround?

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rhumbaflappy avatar image rhumbaflappy yorgosGK commented ·

I think you can just add redundant models as your LODs.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

<ModelInfo guid="{736d0ea1-aa05-4ca4-a800-e4212cc94005}" version="1.1">


<LOD minSize="100" ModelFile="icosasphere.gltf"/>

<LOD minSize="50" ModelFile="icosasphere.gltf"/>

<LOD minSize="5" ModelFile="icosasphere.gltf"/>



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Losco_Nosciuto avatar image Losco_Nosciuto rhumbaflappy commented ·

That's an awesome way to pollute the Xbox environment with 4K textures and hundreds of thousands of polys loading all together from 20 miles away.

For how it can be considered a working workaround, is it really worth to ruin one's reputation building sceneries for mid-high end machines only?

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lapalabra avatar image lapalabra commented ·

Hi, is the LOD behavior going to stay as it was in SU4 for good? If we're not looking to offer our products on Xbox, can we count on the old system staying on the PC version?

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