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Issues with autopilot functionality in FBW Airplanes

Hi, I will try to explain this problem in the best possible way.

Perhaps in FBW aircraft with a low roll rate the problem does not occur (in the case of airliners such as a320). But in fighters and even your f18 does, it is very noticeable and it is that the lateral modes do not work when activated or stop working if the stick is moved even slightly when this doesn't happen in non FBW planes.

If I have an aircraft without FBW and I turn on the autopilot with HDG HOLD, NAV HOLD, WING LEVELER, or any lateral mode there is no problem, it starts working and I can manipulate the stick without fear since the aircraft follows the lateral mode. But if it has FBW, at the moment that I move the stick, the autopilot or any specific lateral mode, it does not disconnect but it stops working and the aircraft does not obey to any mode selected. No matter if I turn the autopilot off or on it still won't follow the specified heading. The only way to get it to recover again is to manually center the plane at BANK 0 degrees (and it doesn't always do that, you have to be banking for it to work). I have tried different autopilot variables in systems.cfg and there is no way to fix it (however in non-FBW aircraft what the SDK says is correct).

It's as if the FBW PiD controller rules over the autopilot PiD, or if the PiD controller gets stuck and simply doesn't correct the error (this is a theory since I don't know how you got it encoded).

You have this problem from the beginning.

If I have to demonstrate it to you with a video, you can ask me.

All the best.

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