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SDK 14 Material Thumbnail and Dev Mode Apron Material texture Corruption

There seems to be a major flaw with the new SDK 14 and the material editor. When I add a new material, such as an apron texture, both the material thumbnail and the actual in-sim texture, once the project is opened in the Project Editor, show a totally irrelevant taxiway marking instead of the actual texture - see the image below! It is absolutely impossible to correctly place apron textures if they cannot be visualised correctly in Dev Mode!


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Yup, reported this a few times on here on the day SU5 came out. Glad to see more people are reporting so we can get a fix....huge problem.

One way to work around this and at least view them "fine" to continue to work, is to re-select ur materialLib asset directory. When u re-select it you will notice it puts a C:\ in front of the path. Then save, when you load in your BGL now to the editor the problem should correct however you wont be able to add a new material. When you want to add a new one just revert back to a relative path by editing your definitions.xml.

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Just wanted to let you know that I'm having a look and trying to reproduce the issue.
I will update this post when I have more information

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Hello. @PILOTS_Development
I'm struggling to reproduce the issue.
If you can provide us with your package, that would be very helpful.

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