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Common issues and workarounds

This article will be dedicated to gather info about recurring problems and how they can be solved.

Aircraft elevator trim axis is inverted

Problem: When binding a joystick axis to the elevator trim axis, some aircraft end up having this axis inverted compared to Asobo aircraft or other products

Explanation: This happens when the aircraft is not making use of InputEvent to handle their elevator trim. In that case, joystick inputs are handled in a different way (legacy FSX flow) and end up being inverted. This can't be changed for retro compatibility reasons.

You can use the ASOBO_HANDLING_Switch_ElevatorTrim_Template if that fits your needs.
Or you can add that piece of code to your behaviour, it will intercept the axis event and redirect it towards the event used by InputEvents.

<Include ModelBehaviorFile="Asobo\Common\Inputs\Common_Inputs.xml"/>
<UseInputEvent ID="PROCEDURE">

Aircraft light emissive mesh is not showing

Problem: When configuring the [LIGHTS] section of the systems.cfg, the emissive mesh would not appear despite the EmMesh node being correctly configured.

Explanation: This mesh must have a material named "LIGHTS" applied to it in order to be correctly processed by the game engine.

Solution: You have to create a unique "LIGHTS" material and all your emissive meshes must use that material and therefore share maps and UVs.

External HUD is not matching my aircraft engine configuration

Problem: The external HUD doesn't match the aircraft engine configuration.
It's showing RPM gauge for a jet or N1 for a piston

Explanation: The external HUD is configured mainly through cockpit.cfg.
For now, we only allow either a piston/mechanical or a turbine/efis HUD design (chosen through the vcockpit_hud parameter)

Solution: The most logical option is to set this parameter based on your engine type, regardless of the instrumentation type.

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