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[ISSUE] One-Click Placing Taxi Points FPS Drop

Hello everyone. I'm working on an airport which requires intensive Taxiway work.

I've noticed this "Bug"(?) happening all the time as soon as the airport gets populated during edition in DevMode. See Image below.


When this happens, I noticed two things.

- Aprons and ground textures get constantly loaded

- Buildings keep on unloading / recreating all around the area. (see bottom right corner where the building footprint is visible on the sat but not its 3D object)

This last one appears to be the major concurrent in the process. As you can see in the next screenshot, when you disable "One-Click Placing", the 3D buildings get recalculated and the framerate go back to normal (See bottom right corner, 3D building appears after being regenerated in a few seconds)


Any chance this can be tested and fixed anytime soon? Not complaining, the SDK got to a decent state lately, but working at 4/7 FPS isn't really doable in any way.

Chris - LNDesign

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@Losco_Nosciuto hello! We'll look into that. Can you please post a "question" instead of an "article" next time please? It's a lot more convenient for answers.

Also @Darwikey can you please have a look at this?


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Losco_Nosciuto avatar image Losco_Nosciuto SonantAlpaca ♦♦ ·

Thank you! Wouldn't it be better to create a "bugs report" section? "Question" is not that clear ;)

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We are aware of this issue, but we noticed smaller frame drop, we never go to 4 fps. Anyway we will do some optimization here.



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Anything useful I can send for further investigation? Might the huge drop be due to the fact that the Airport is almost complete so it has dozens of 3D models, painted Lines, other taxies and so on? Also hiding / locking objects has no effect, still dropping to an unworkable fps to the point that I had to focus on fixes for the first update before going on working on the "major addition update" I planned.

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Hi Xavier.
Another thing I noticed that might somehow be helpful.

I've worked 3 more times with my scenery and experienced the same behavior all these times.

Seems like, at first it all goes smooth. FPS drops just by a little but after 1 hour or so placing taxi points with One-Click Placing it starts getting slower and slower. Restarting the sim, seems to fix it temporarily and then extended usage time has the same result as above.



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Side notice. Excluding buildings in the surroundings doesn't help at all.

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