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You have questions regarding the SDK? DevMode Tools? SimConnect? You would like to submit an idea for future improvements, seek help or exchange knowledge? You’re in the right place.

Please take a moment to read the platform’s guidelines before you get started!


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User Guidelines

Welcome to Microsoft Flight Simulator's SDK Dev Support platform !

A long name for big aventures. We are happy to have you onboard and we hope that you'll find every answers that you need with the help of our great community.

Let's get started !


Step 1 - Create your account

If you're browsing this site without an account, you'll have very limited permissions. Anyone can create an account, so just click on "Sign In" on the top corner of any page.

Make sure your email is correct, to get notifications when someone answers your questions.

Step 2 - How does it work?

This Q&A platform is divided in spaces. They are basically sections where we'll talk about different topics: scenery, WASM... Every content you create will be posted in the space of your choosing.

If you have questions regarding the platform itself, you may want to post in the "Community support" space.

We'll give you details on the different type of contents on the next step.


Step 3 - So you have a question...

The very first thing to do before asking a question here, is to take a look at the documentation website. We update it very regularly and we constantly improve the existing sections.

If you can't find an answer here, next step is to use the search bar. Maybe someone already encountered the same issue and has received help from the community or Asobo itself. You can either:

- Search for keywords in the searchbar

- or Click on the appropriate space to browse for similar questions.

Still nothing that matches your needs? Then it's time to create content.

You can create 3 types of content:

- Question: you have an issue, you need more information... If your question doesn't exist already, please feel free to ask the community.

- Idea: you believe there is a good way to improve the SDK or to do things differently. Please let us know!

- Article: You've mastered an aspect of the SDK and would like to share your knowledge with the community. Feel free to create an article about it! We'll be happy to publish it.


For each content type, you'll be asked to select topic(s) and a space.

  • Topics
    • They are basically tags. You can add as many as you want to your question/idea/article, but you can't create a non-existing topic.
    • You can search items by tags, using the search bar.
    • The list of all available topics can be found on the right side of your screen.
    • If you feel like a topic is missing and you'd like us to add it, please post an Idea in the "Community Help" space, with the topic "Help".
  • Space
    • As stated above, spaces are the different sections of the platform, where you can post your questions/ideas/articles.
    • If you don't know in which space your item belongs, simply put it in the "General" space and a moderator will move it to a proper space.

When someone gives you an appropriate answer, please take a moment to click on "Accept" at the bottom of the answer. It lets people know that this question is resolved.

Step 4 - You think that someone could help you answer a question...

AnswerHub has an Expert system to help you answer questions more rapidly.

Whenever you're reading a question or an idea, you can find a button "ASK AN EXPERT" on the right side of your screen.

Click on it to open a pop-up and simply type the first letters of another user's name. This person will receive an e-mail asking to take a look at the question!

You can automatically become experts on different topics by collecting 10 validated answers per year.


Step 5 - Some rules for a welcoming and producting space

Here are a few rules we ask you to follow, to make sure everyone feels safe and gets the answer they need by visiting this platform.

  • Be respectful. Our community is for everyone to learn and engage with mutual respect.
  • Participate. Join in on discussions, ask questions, and provide answers.
  • Don't spam or self-advertise. This is not the right place to promote your products or ask questions related to Microsoft's 3rd parties.
  • Appropriate content. Obscene images and curse words are not allowed. Any objectionable content will be removed.
  • No discrimination, bullying, or harassment. We have zero-tolerance for any discrimination based on sex, gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, disability, age, or sexual orientation.
  • Report inappropriate content. If you find content that does not follow these guidelines, report it to a moderator or admin.
  • In English please! The language supported on the platform is English. Please refer to translation websites if you speak a different language and wish to post content on this platform - we won't answer questions in other language than English.
  • Be patient! Some content - like articles - requires moderator approval before being visible to the public, and this can take up to 24 hours.

All Moderators and Administrators have the final say in any issues, no matter what.

You've read this far? Then it's time to get started! we hope you'll enjoy exploring this platform and helping the community, as much as we enjoy developing Microsoft Flight Simulator's SDK!

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SonantAlpaca avatar image SonantAlpaca ♦♦ commented ·


No and I keep getting absolutely no answers so I think I'm gonna pay them a (nice) visit today or tomorrow. :D

2 Likes 2 ·
tsgucci avatar image tsgucci SonantAlpaca ♦♦ commented ·

@SonantAlpaca It seems to reach certain result you need physical thretening.

Now it works!!!

Thanks for that!

0 Likes 0 ·
virtuali avatar image virtuali commented ·

Is it possible to check this issue ?

I still don't have permission to create new topics of any kind, I can only reply to existing posts. My email still reports as "not verified" but, regardless how many times I click the button, I always get the confirmation an email has been sent, but no email arrives.

1 Like 1 ·
tsgucci avatar image tsgucci virtuali commented ·

I'm also not receiving the verification email. My profile says I'm not verified although I could create some new topics.

0 Likes 0 ·
virtuali avatar image virtuali tsgucci commented ·

so you are in better shape than me, since I cannot verify my email too, but I cannot even open any kind of topic.

1 Like 1 ·
tsgucci avatar image tsgucci commented ·


I'm still not receiving any email. I cannot verify my email and I do not get email notifications about responses on my followed topics.

I guess I am not the only one.

Thanks a lot!

1 Like 1 ·
SonantAlpaca avatar image SonantAlpaca ♦♦ tsgucci commented ·

Hello! I just sent you the validation email again.
Did you get it? (could be in spam too..)

If not, I'll open a ticket on AH's platform.

0 Likes 0 ·
tsgucci avatar image tsgucci SonantAlpaca ♦♦ commented ·

Thanks for the answer.
Havent received it. It is not in spam either.

0 Likes 0 ·
Sam_Yeager avatar image Sam_Yeager tsgucci commented ·

I also have the problem of not being able to verify my email because I don't receive the validation email. I've checked the spam folder and it's not there. I've manually requested verification twice with no success.

0 Likes 0 ·
Toneking avatar image Toneking commented ·

Thank you for the new site. Looks great... very cool!

Quick issue- I'm not receiving the email verification email. Tried to resend, but no go.

Thanks again for creating and maintaining this space for us. Greatly appreciated.

1 Like 1 ·
virtuali avatar image virtuali commented ·

It seems I'm unable to create new topics. Is this because my email is still awaiting validation ? I tried the option to resend the validation email several times, but nothing arrives. The email is correct and there's nothing in the Spam folder.

0 Likes 0 ·
SonantAlpaca avatar image SonantAlpaca ♦♦ virtuali commented ·

Hi @virtuali, as stated above, if you think a topic is missing, please post an Idea in the "Community Help" Space to let us know about it. We'll add it, if it matches our point of view about topics. :)

0 Likes 0 ·
virtuali avatar image virtuali SonantAlpaca ♦♦ commented ·

The problem is, posting an idea requires to create a new topic ( it's a mandatory field ) but when I try to do that, it says I have no permission to open new topics. I also cannot open new topics to ask questions, I can only reply to existing ones. My email is not verified, but the option to verify it again doesn't seem to work.

2 Likes 2 ·
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