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SU10 Flighting Documentation & Release Notes

Hello everyone.

Here are the release notes for the SU10 flighting version of the game.
Some sections might still be missing and will be added in between now and the final release of SU10.

SU10 Flighting online documentation available here:

SU10 documentation installer available in the game as well.


Developer Mode Changes

  • General
    • New! New window transparency option in Devmode->Manage Windows menu
    • Fixed: Reworked windows opacity system to make it more consistent.
    • Fixed: No inputs after exiting devmode while scenery editor is opened has been resolved.
    • Fixed: Loading a project to access Aircraft Debug Windows is no longer required. They are now available in the devmode menu under "Options/Debug Drawing/Aircraft/".
    • Added: Experimental feature for rendering the game in a GUI window has been added.

  • Visual Effects Editor
    • New! Material Diffuse & Emissive colors are now available on the particle Output block. They replace AfterBurnerColor1 & 2 for the StaticMesh block
    • Fixed: Plugging a particle specific computation to a material parameter on the Output block non longer causes the whole graph to be an incorrect and static value
    • Fixed: GetParticleAttribute, GetGroundAttribute and Color nodes now display the correct output type
    • Fixed: SetScale node now displays the correct input type
    • Fixed: Opening a VFX after deleting a previous one no longer causes a crash
    • Fixed: Plugging a graph to an effect wide property no longer causes static invalid values to be cached for particle specific computations (see here for details).
    • Fixed: Double vertical scroll bar in the SimVar units drop-down menu.
    • Fixed: Occasional glitches in ribbon-based FXs rendering.
    • Fixed: Crash when plugging a graph using a GetInstanceAttribute node into a StaticMesh block input.
    • Added: Create, Delete, Rename and Clone effect popups can be validated with Enter and closed with Escape. Input text fields automatically grab keyboard focus
    • Changed: Properties of the GraphParameter node have shorter names in the graph.
    • Changed: UX improvements to editor popups (Create, Clone, Rename and Delete effect): Enter and Escape keys can be used to cancel/validate the popups and text fields automatically grab focus.
    • Changed: Properties related to specific material codes are hidden when the material used does not match.

  • Scenery Editor
    • Fixed: Inconsistent update of airport upon hiding/unhiding objects has been resolved.
    • Fixed: Hiding/Locking jetways and taxiway parkings now applies the same operation on their children.
    • Fixed: When unhiding an object, it now unhides its parents as well.
    • Fixed: Scenery objects (scenery/simobjects/worldscripts/fx/etc...) that are children of a projected mesh/control tower/jetway are now ignored by the filter by type and the hide/lock by type options to avoid confusion with other scenery objects.
    • Fixed: Improved filter by type and search filter consistency with recursive hierarchy.
    • Fixed: Runway length edition that doesn't move runway starts.
    • Fixed: Runway warning "heading mismatch".
    • Fixed: Undo/redo apron flip UV error.
    • Fixed: Improved undo/redo command.
    • Fixed: Vector placement elevation.
    • Fixed: Custom display name for vectorplacement produce corrupted XML.
    • Fixed: FX object are deprecated, so now can't place new ones anymore.
    • Fixed: The editor wasn't correctly showing element from other packages (aprons, painted lines, control towers...).
    • Fixed: Bugs with polygon point altitudes.
    • Fixed: Airports now correctly update after hiding them.
    • Fixed: Only one gate type and ramp type for taxi parkings.
    • Fixed: Snap on ground for control tower without scenery.
    • Fixed: Carparks can be moved in the air.
    • Fixed: Mesh heading in light rows.
    • Fixed: Conflict between polygons and aprons for vegetation exclusion
    • Fixed: Car parking update.
    • Fixed: Vegetation update after loading a package that contain a materialLib or biome files.
    • Fixed: Airport not loading when an independent projected mesh is close.
    • Fixed: Sim Objects not taking their given scale into account.
    • Fixed: Inconsistent update of airport upon hiding/unhiding objects.
    • Fixed: POI landmark that are moved when going back to main menu.
    • Fixed: polygon with material rendering when the material is not loaded yet.
    • Fixed: Object focus.
    • Fixed: Jetway links that disapear during edition.
    • Fixed: TIN color correction not correctly applied during edition.
    • Fixed: "add a jetway" button that create invalid jetway.
    • Fixed: Car parking update & optimze vehicle rendering.
    • Fixed: Buildings that never come back when editing jetways.
    • Fixed: Car parking add point and resume edition.
    • Added: Ability to create a path between parking and a taxi point.
    • Added: Link runways and runway-taxipaths automatically.
    • Added: Real time edition for exclusion rectangles.
    • Added: Added a cylinder to visualize control tower positions and allow pickup for towers without scenery.
    • Added: Added "adjust scaling along path" for vector placement.
    • Added: Default taxi edge and taxi center light for light rows.
    • Added: "exclude projected mesh" to exclusion rectangles.
    • Added: Spacing parameter for PAPI.
    • Added: Added a debug window for scenery package order.
    • Changed: Removed irrelevant "Draw before" option from independent projected meshes.
    • Changed: Made the Hide/Lock by type window sorted alphabetically.
    • Changed: Object list and filter by type list are now sorted alphabetically.
    • Changed: Taxi sign objects have their emissive reduced by 50%.
    • Changed: Removed taxisigns exclusion from exclusion rectangles.
    • Changed: Rename deleteAllBlastFences to deleteAllVectorPlacement.
    • Changed: Improved filter by type and search filter consistency with recursive hierarchy.
    • Changed: Use the VFS order for BGL content (ignore content.xml).
    • Changed: Optimized scene tree for large airport.

  • Project Editor
    • Fixed: Icao selector not closing when clicking Cancel has been resolved.
    • Fixed: Airport reloading after building a package
    • Changed: Force reload of gameplay airports after building BGL package
    • Changed: No longer copy source .loc files from SimObject folders to built package

  • NEW! Aircraft Editor
    • Added: The new Aircraft Editor tool has been made public for beta testing. This replaces the old Aircraft Editor which has been deprecated (but can still be used if required). See the documentation here: The Aircraft Editor.
    • Changed: Loading a project to access Aircraft Debug Windows is no longer required. They are now available in the devmode menu under "Options > Debug Drawing > Aircraft"

SDK Changes

  • NEW! Updated ASOBO_macro_light glTF schema.
  • NEW! Animation Position can now be used in the sound.xml file to trigger sounds and for RTPCs
  • Added: A sample for custom RTC animations.
  • Added: A sample for WASM weather API.

  • JS API
    • Fixed: Issue with VOR/NDB name not being returned from facility lookup
    • Added: SET_NEAREST_EXTENDED_AIRPORT_FILTERS call to enable ability to filter airports by surface type, runway length, approach type, and towered/untowered
    • Added: Terrain and weather map APIs updated to match new WASM map APIs, including extended color definitions and breakpoints

  • SimVars
    • Fixed issue where NAV GSI NEEDLE would report lateral instead of vertical deviation when in GPS DRIVES NAV1

  • SimConnect
    • Changed: SimConnnect_Close now cleans events, unbound inputs…
    • Changed: SIMCONNECT_STATE_OFF now disables event
    • Changed: SIMCONNECT_WAYPOINT_FLAGS can now be removed
    • Added: SimConnect_TransmitClientEvent_EX1 function which can trigger Key_Event with multiple arguments


  • IMPORTANT! Previous issues relating to the modern fuel system have been fixed and the documentation has been updated to include information on the fuel system Version parameter. This parameter has been introduced to permit you to select what version of the fuel system an aircraft was created with, and thus ensure backwards compatibility without the need to rewrite the entire fuel system for an already-published aircraft.
  • There has been an important restructure to the documentation index, and multiple pages have been renamed to improve the discoverability of the information they contain. Additional formatting for deprecated/obsolete entries has been added to flag these things in a more obvious manner.
  • NEW! Initial localisation documentation has been added. Please see the following pages (note that these are still a WIP):
    • Localization
    • MSFS Language Manager
    • Using The MSFS Language Manager
  • NEW! The section on Model Behaviors has a new Template Explorer which permits you to view and explore all the model behaviour files and templates.
  • NEW! Page that shows the full contents of the SDK has been added: SDK Contents
  • NEW! Page that properly explains the Debug PBR options has been added.
  • NEW! Pages to explain the following DevMode Toolshave been added:
    • BGL Explorer
    • FS DevMode Launcher
    • VS Wasm Debugger Extension
  • NEW! Experimental feature for Offscreen Rendering has been documented.
  • NEW!The following sections on the flight_model.cfg page have new parameters:
    • [AIRPLANE_GEOMETRY]: wing_mindragincidence, fuselage_mindragincidence, fly_by_wire_from_flaps.
    • [FLIGHT_TUNING]: clcd_normalization_aoa_deg_low, clcd_normalization_aoa_deg_high, stallpitchscalar, stallliftscalar, predicted_moi_density_scalar_fuselage, predicted_moi_density_scalar_wings, disable_assistances, prop_moment_transfer_on_roll, ground_crosswind_effect_zero_speed, ground_crosswind_effect_max_speed, ground_high_speed_steeringwheel_static_friction_scalar, ground_high_speed_otherwheel_static_friction_scalar.
    • [CONTACT_POINTS]: hyd_need_power_to_function.
    • [FUEL_SYSTEM]: Version.
    • [AERODYNAMICS]: CFD_GroundCollisionVoxelOffset, lift_coef_air_spoilers, drag_coef_air_spoilers.
    • [REFERENCE SPEEDS]: fly_assistant_use_dynamic_speeds.
  • NEW!The systems.cfg page has the following new sections and parameters:
    • [TailHook]: has_tailhook, cable_force_adjust.
    • [launch_assistance]: launch_bar_pivot, launch_bar_lug, launch_bar_moveable.
    • [RADIOS]: CollisionAvoidance, Tacan.N.
    • [AUTOPILOT]: max_pitch_velocity_lo_ang, max_pitch_velocity_hi_ang, FBWPitchTrimSpeedScalar, FBWHighSpeedRollSpeedScalar.
    • procedure.N: This is a new section explaining how to create electrical procedures (actions).
  • NEW!The ai.cfg file has had a new section and parameter added to the documentation:
    • [TAXI]: DistanceToLaneLine
  • NEW!The engine.cfg file has the following new parameters documented:
    • [TURBINEENGINEDATA]: itt_maxcorrection.
    • [PROPELLER]: max_prop_rpm_pct_extend_prop.
  • NEW!The following sections have new parameters in the Boats sim.cfg file:
    • [General]: HasMovingPlatform.
    • [Carrier]: carrier.
  • NEW! The cameras.cfg page has been updated to include documentation on the new [CAMERA_RAY_NODE_COLLISION] section.
  • NEW!Tacan parameters, simvars and key events have been documented on the following pages:
    • systems.cfg: Tacan.N.
    • Aircraft Radio Navigation Variables: TACAN
    • Aircraft Radio Navigation Events: TACAN
  • NEW! The *.flt file documentation has been updated with information on the [SimVarForSpawningInTheAir] section.
  • NEW!The section on WebAssembly has been updated with the documentation for:
    • MapView Functions
    • Triggering Key Events
    • New functions register_key_event_handler_EX1, trigger_key_event_EX1, and unregister_key_event_handler_EX1.
  • NEW! The SimConnect documentation has been updated to cover the new function SimConnect_TransmitClientEvent_EX1 and struct SIMCONNECT_RECV_EVENT_EX1.
  • NEW! Page that documents the SimConnect Samples.
  • The Reverse Polish Notation documentation has been updated with the pmod Expression Operators.
  • The documentation for the Teleport Window has been updated.
  • The following samples have been added to the documentation:
    • AirportKALO
    • AirportServices
    • MapViewAircraft
    • RTCAircraft
    • SimpleNavData
    • TrafficVehiclesSample
  • The Debug Vegetation window has been documented.
  • The Debug Road Vehicles option has been documented.
  • Minor update to Airport Services Examples page to fix issues with the example scripts.
  • Corrections have been made to the documentation relating to the autopilot, specifically the CFG parameters max_bank and max_bank_velocity , and the associated key events (AP_MAX_BANK_SET etc...).
  • There has been a large amount of work done on the mission XML definitions. While still not complete, a great number of the XML elements have now been fully documented, with more to come.
  • The sound XML documentation has been updated to include new attributes for animation position to be used to trigger sounds and for RTPCs.
  • The [FLTSIM.N] section of the aircraft.cfg has had the description for ui_typerole updated.
  • The following missing SimVar has been added to the Aircraft Autopilot/Assistant Variables page: AUTOPILOT ALT RADIO MODE
  • The following SimVars have been added to the Aircraft Engine Variables page: MAX EGT, MAX OIL TEMPERATURE, RECIP MAX CHT, TURB MAX ITT.
  • The following SimVar has been added to the Camera Variables page: IS CAMERA RAY INTERSECT WITH NODE.
  • The following Key Events have been added to the Aircraft Autopilot/Flight Assist Events page: AP_RPM_SLOT_INDEX_SET, AP_SPD_VAR_SET_EX1, AP_SPEED_SLOT_INDEX_SET, AP_VS_SLOT_INDEX_SET. Note that a number of other events on this page have also had their descriptions updated and improved.

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Nice! Documentation for mission scripts, a tool for localisation, a bgl explorer, rendering the game in a window, and much more. Thank you to the team for this great update!

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donstim avatar image donstim FlyingRaccoon ♦♦ ·

Nice to see the additional flexibility provided by new parameters and the improved documentation for some of the existing parameters, but I hope there will be additional improvements coming in terms of clarity and explanations for how to use these parameters (i.e., why they exist).

Some examples: 1) The new clcd normalization parameters -- ok, we can now adjust the aoa limits for adjustments to the "theory curve," but why would we want to do this and exactly what effects would this have? What happens outside those limits?

2) The static friction scalars -- First of all, it may be helpful to explain better which friction component is being addressed here. I assume it is the side or lateral friction only. Especially since static friction is no longer relevant in the direction of motion; i.e., there would not be a low speed or high speed static friction. Secondly, the sentence for the high speed one, "Reducing this value tends to make wheels less sticky and feel like they are "on rails" at higher speeds," is confusing to me.

For example, the "and" doesn't appear to be used correctly; it implies that reducing the value would make the wheels feel like they are "on rails" at higher speeds, which I think is the opposite of what is meant. Also, "stickiness" implies that reducing the parameter's value will also reduce the rolling friction of the wheel (it should be the tire) in the longitudinal direction as well. Is this what is intended? If so, it's not a static friction.

How and why is this meant be to be used? Is it to help customize side forces on the tires from crosswinds during takeoff and landing, and/or is to to help customize rolling or braking friction?

3) Many of the new parameters have no description and only tell what the default value is. (I assume this is a work in progress.)

4) Not new, but for the Reference Speeds section, are these parameters only for the developers use during flight model development and tuning, or are these parameters actually used in some way to affect how the sim airplane flies?



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Can you post a dedicated question about this please?
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Simbol avatar image Simbol FlyingRaccoon ♦♦ ·

@FlyingRaccoon , Sylvain

I thought there was a new Terrain API and was also available via Simconnect? I am wrong? is this terrain API only what is being reference on JS section?


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Hello @Simbol

It's a terrain radar API. You will retrieve a bitmap to draw from it so point in exposing it in SimConnect.
NavData API will be exposed in SimConnect.


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Looking forward to trying those changes.

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Did I do something wrong? or are the samples all empty, Only Visual Studio, Wise and DevModeProjects have files.

I see all the folders, however the files are missing.

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Samples have been reorganized. You probably want to clear your previous Samples folder before installing the new SDK.
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DA40CGDFQ avatar image DA40CGDFQ FlyingRaccoon ♦♦ ·

LOL DevmodeProjects, Geez, You moved my Cheese!

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I can't find the BGL Explorer in the tools folder or anywhere else. Is it not ready yet or is it a mistake?

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