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DA40CGDFQ suggested

Enhance Project Compilation with better file/code/XML/RPN automatic validation

There is one feature that is missing from the project compile stage, better error checking of files and their contents - specifically xml files, cfg files. SimObjects are getting more and more complex and a lot of simple mistakes are not being found, due to the fact that the project will still compile and export with errors in those files. Then you open a flight or even just open the project an CTD.

Please add error checking/validation for aircraft cfg, localization, model xml, panel.xml, panel.cfg and fx files. (probably more). These errors should be logged to the console window with filename and line numbers. I'm sure existing parsing code can be reused for this kind of code/file validation.

If an error is found then stop the project compilation, that way the error is right there as the last console log item, no need to search. If that is not suitable to other devs then perhaps the aircraft.cfg wip_indicator as a flag to stop project compilation (move it up from Flightsim.N section or the first/default livery drives this feature.)

The systems.cfg and flightmodel.cfg files are getting to be an overly complex part of aircraft building, The system.cfg file relies on panel.cfg, panel.xml, model.xml (RPN coding and templates) interactions (not to mention javascript and possibly WASM)

Error examples:

RPN coding if{ if { else{ els{ - the RPN parser should easily find these errors.

XML coding spaces in names that can't have spaces, template naming, missing templates that are in "usetemplate", panel.xml XML coding of conditions etc.

system.cfg [electrical] and [Lights], flightmodel.cfg [fuel system].

deprecated code/variables

The key being that it should help reduce CTDs, since the AE and project compiler is not very robust, when simple errors occur.

Thanks for your consideration on this.

Other developers:
PLEASE add where you think other issues can be addressed.

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