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Orthographic Camera for Scenery Editor

I don't know if this is technically feasible in sim (ie if the engine is built around a perspective camera, I'm no graphics programmer so idk), but an orthographic camera would be very useful for the scenery editor. Currently the camera is a perspective camera, so when you're not centered directly over something (say a polygon edge), and it is above or below the terrain, there is a visual offset from where it actually is (please see screenshot and the difference in where the polygon appears when viewed from different positions. Note this is also using the top down camera). On level ground this might not be a big deal, but it makes a huge impact on polygons on sloped terrain (polygons in the scenery editor are not draped, they are displayed at the elevation of the first node). Competing tools like WED for X-Plane use an orthographic camera, and it makes precise editing very easy. I'm sure an orthographic camera option for the MSFS scenery editor would be welcomed by all developers.



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