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dhgouveia suggested FlyingRaccoon commented

In-Game Mission Builder

Please add a way to create missions inside the game, even a good external tool should be ok, i've used others like BushTripGen or BushTripInjector but i always encounter some bugs or not able to create the mission the way i want, i also seen that in Dev Mode you could also create them using some NodeGraph but is really complicated and there is not complete documentation, although a video of how to use that would be greatly appreciated

The idea would be like a Mission Editor where you choose the location, add waypoints, or load FLT file, choose if has NPC in the aircraft , add custom objects (probably just drag and drop into the map), etc, and then, be able to add triggers and custom events , instead of nodegraph, adding logic blocks should be enough, like:

- If "mission started" play "TTS" or Audio File
- if inside "WP1" play TTS/Audio and set var "wp1_completed"
- if wp1_completed and wp1 distance > 100 , play TTS/Audio

- if inside wp2 play animation (no sure if play animations are possible, probably open a animation editor?)

this could be even more fun if you could share them inside the game with others, probably in a new section inside marketplace for free, and this also would be great to share with xbox users too

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SonantAlpaca commented


As you have noticed, a Script Editor exists in the DevMode already. However, at the moment it's not fully functional nor documented. This is one of the topics we'd like to work on in the upcoming weeks. We hope to be able, at some point, to provide you with a powerful, easy-to-use Mission Editor. I'm not able to give you an ETA though... this is a bit too soon.

Hope this answers your question.

Have a good day!


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azgoodaz avatar image azgoodaz commented ·

Is there an update to this as we're in 2022? Would love to create missions without needing a third-party tool that doesn't allow you to post in your payware add-ons.

This would be beneficial.

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FlyingRaccoon avatar image FlyingRaccoon ♦♦ azgoodaz commented ·
Hello @azgoodaz

Development is in progress. No ETA though :)

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