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donstim suggested

Additional/augmented fuel system triggers

Kudos to you all for the power of the new fuel system to model complex fuel systems. I'd like to suggest a couple additions to the trigger parameters for your consideration:

1) Would it be possible to string multiple trigger conditions with and/or logic?

2) The A380's fuel transfers from the trim tank in the tail for CG control target a CG as a function of the airplane's weight. Other portions of it's fuel systems are also dependent on airplane weight. Would it be possible to add airplane weight as a trigger condition and consider a curve of CG vs gross weight option for the CG condition trigger?


And a suggestion for some additional clarity in the SDK documentation for fuel lines -- Perhaps some verbiage could be added that it is possible for fuel to flow either direction in a fuel line, regardless of the "source" and "destination" designations, unless the direction of fuel flow is set specified in a tank, valve, or pump designation affecting that line.

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