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Vector Placement - Support for objects using "Fake Terrain" material?

It would be nice if the Vector Placement tool could support objects using the "Fake Terrain" material in the future. I use this material on some of my own objects such as fences and hedges to reduce the amount of light reflected off of the object, as it can be too bright at a distance when using the "Standard" material and double-sided faces with alpha.

This material is also used by some of the default fences. However, unfortunately this material will not show when used as a Vector Placement, resulting in completely invisible objects, or objects with parts missing (if using a mix of material types). In SU11, these missing objects would sometimes show as a wireframe.



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HybridNZ avatar image HybridNZ commented ·
Vector placement only supports single mesh objects.
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rotornut44 avatar image rotornut44 HybridNZ commented ·

Meaning a single joined mesh I assume since I have placed default fences using multiple materials?

Either way, this is demonstrated in the first image as it is a single joined mesh and using a single Fake Terrain material.

Edit: It appears the fence I did manage to place is also broken into individual parts. The one pictured above uses "decal" for it's fence material, which also seems to not work. The one that does work uses "standard".

So, Decal and Fake Terrain materials do not seem to work with Vector Placement.

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