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Cylinder UAP program (CMOECM).

Everything that surrounds us, ourselves included, can be described as macroscopic collections of fluctuations, vibrations, and oscillations in quantum mechanical fields. Matter is confined energy, bound within fields, frozen in a quantum of time. Therefore, under certain conditions (such as the coupling of hyper-frequency axial spin with hyper-frequency vibrations of electrically charged systems) the rules and special effects of quantum field behavior also apply to macroscopic physical entities (macroscopic quantum phenomena).
Polarization of the local vacuum is analogous to manipulation/modification of the local space tie topological lattice energy density. As a result, extreme speeds can be achieved. We have exceeded the 24,000 mph at low density vacuum state.

Furthermore, if we couple the high frequency of rotation with high vibration (harmonic oscillation) frequencies in the range of 109 to 1018 Hertz (and above) we can obtain Smax intensity values in the range 1024 to 1028 Watts/m2 (and beyond). These extremely high EM field intensity values emphasize the novelty of this concept, especially suited for the design of energy generation machinery with power output levels much higher than those currently achievable.

The craft , particularly the outer resonant cavity wall. may be electrically charged. In addition, the inner resonant cavity wall may be electrically insulated, in order for the inner resonant cavity wall not to vibrate. The craft includes a main body with a leading portion and a trailing portion. Additionally, the craft may include a frustum or cone on its leading portion of its main body. In one of the embodiments, the frustum is rotatable about its own axis or has the ability to rotate. This is a cylinder shape craft Currently developed by the United State Of America.

please contact me for any information regarding the temporal geometrical structure of the craft.


Andres Rivera

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