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thealx suggested

Suppress aerodynamics calculations

It may be similar to this request but more radical and easier to do.

I am working on a project with 2 features performed by simconnect:

1. aboard - you can "attach yourself" to another aircraft, script apply carrier velocity/rotation to you so you follow same path

2. secondary flight model - landing parachute, script creating artificial lift and rotation acceleration to simulate controls

It works, but main problem for both - conflict with native flight model. During attachment, high airspeed cause shaking as flight model does calculate air resistance anyway. For parachute - parasite rotation velocity applied.


An option to suppress native aerodynamics can be added - so simconnect will have control over aircraft velocity, rotation and position without conflicting with native dynamics system.

SIM DISABLED variable exists, but it cut off any calculations, even provided by SimConnect. So it will be good to have something in the middle - aerodynamics will be not processed, but local forces will.

Poor alternative - settable RELATIVE WIND VELOCITY BODY X/Y/Z so I can force them to 0, but result is unexpected.

Let me know if other options exists to reach my goal, spent too much time with it and probably can't see the obvious solution.

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