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rotornut44 suggested Kaiii3 commented

Do not require parking spots to be linked to the taxi system

OK. I get it. Parking, taxi links, hold-shorts, and runway links all need to be connected together for AI to be able to use them. However, there are many cases where this simply does not need to be done. Small GA airports that will likely never see any AI traffic, fictional airports, helipads, etc.

Whereas these special use cases can certainly accommodate the new changes, it doesn't make since at all to be forced to.

I would like to suggest that instead of treating disconnected parking spots as an error, you treat them as a passable warning and let the addon developer decide if they want them linked or not. Just as it has been since the beginning.

The major downside to the current error method, whether it was intentional or not, it prevents you from saving your project until you fix all of the errors present in the package. For larger projects that can take hours to resolve, this can be a major issue, as one crash can set you back hours of work.

There are already two threads here talking about these complications, just to further drive my point home that this needs to be resolved:

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FlyingsCool commented

Parking has always had to be connected to a taxiway. I think they fact they turned it off was probably a problem which is now rectified, now that they are specifically checking for it.

You should always create a taxiway system for any airport, including the runway taxiways, and a way for the planes to exit the runway. It doesn't have to be complex.

What advantage is there in not creating taxiways, even for very small grass airports?

Edit: Oh, I get it, helicopter landing pads...

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By all means make it a warning. Making it an absolute project breaker is plain bizarre and it makes me wonder whether they realise there are other actual people using the SDK.

I'm sure many people are expecting them to press that one single button to change it back to save thousands of hours of overwhelmingly pointless work.

... And they probably won't.

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The issue is to be able to save while working (for backup) with not all spot linked.,

The error must not allow to build, but must not avoid saving.

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Darwikey commented

Hi Rotornut,

This error have been converted to warning. But we have to wait for a sim update or a hotfix. We have underestimated the number of project that have not linked parkings. Sorry...



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Good news. Merci Xavier
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Hey Xavier, it would actual be good if the Simulator itself can identify this "warning" for the installed airports and do not add any AI traffic one them, or somehow flag them.

At the moment we as AI Traffic Developer are getting a lot of support request that are a result of faulty airports.

I agree that some airports/project do not need this, but I guess some developers working on "real" airports will ignore it anyway xD

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