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Custom view-distance control on custom light-sources in non-airport projects

We need a way to control the view-distance of a custom light-source, created through 3d programs such as Blender and 3Ds Max, that is not an airport-project.

I have a landmark-project that includes an antenna-tower where multiple "anti-collision" flashes are placed. The 1080 ft high antenna is a major landmark and a great VFR-navigational aid, which is why it is important to be able to see this correctly - even during low visibility or during the night.

Currently these can "only" be visible from up to 1 km away, if the light is set at a correct intensity and with clear skies, when in reality they can be visible from up to 7 km away. There are no ways of controlling the view distance, as it's the in-game engine that controls this by its calculations (that are "wrong").
(Ref. my previous question on the subject: "questions/4622/custom-max-distance-on-custom-light-sources")

This control feature is not in the making yet, but I have been prompted by the developers to create an idea, where like-minded people can upvote this to implement the feature, so they might consider implementing it into the next update to the scenery features outside airports.

Therefore, if you would like to see a way to control the view-distance of custom light sources, please upvote this idea.

Thank you.

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devmode_player commented

scenery object is not suitable for the obstruction lights due to the limited visible range hard coded in graphic engine, therefore, I assume that we need an access to the obstruction lights database to add obstruction lights in right way.

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This would indeed be a work-around. It would probably not help with the limited distance of custom light-sources. Perhaps this option of listing light sources as obstruction lights in the exporter of Blender/3Ds Max could be included? It could refer to the database of properties of the obstruction lights (i.e. draw distance), yet be of custom shapes and properties such as intensity and whatnot?

It is probably not as simple as that, but I think we need this.

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