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Jetway with fixed leg build and test in editor mode


I'm in a process to create a fixed leg jetway but it gives me a hard time. My first idea, if possible please create a sample for a fixed leg jetway.

Second idea is the testing/finetuning and the trial-and-error of the model in the editor itself.

Currently in the editor mode I cannot test the model, only place it. It is not possible to move the aircraft in slew mode while in editor either.

I need to build the package, copy it into the community folder, restart the sim, test it. If I need to change someting I need to delete the community package, open the editor, re-export the model, build the package, copy the package to community again.

In the package the SimObject seems to remain in GLTF format, I tried to overwrite that GLTF with a new one directly in the community package to save the steps above but if I do this the jetway disappears, I need to rebuild the package anyway.

The fixed leg jetway are different fromt the conventional jetway that the "telescope" (hydraolic part that lifts the ramp) is not pitching with the ramp together, it remains perpendicular to the ground.


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