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Developer Camera input controls

Dear Asobo,

Would it be possible in the future to have inputs enabled when developer camera is "active", at the moment we put the developer camera because we are working on a part or a gauge / glass instrument.. and unfortunately all input controls vanishes, no click spots, not joystick or keyboard controls for engines, etc. making it impossible to re-test a change we might have done

For an instance, you cannot even start the engine to verify an animation is working correctly, not even click spot, or CTRL+E or vice-versa, shut it down to confirm sounds or animations about it.

Same thing when we are developing HTML / Gauge controls.. we will be changing the code behind it and clicking rebuild to see to update, debug and put new features to a glass cockpit. And unfortunately we cannot click it to verify things when on developer camera.

As a result, we end up having to use a normal camera instead, but unfortunately with each rebuilt, the aircraft camera resets, and we have to waste a lot of time in reposition to the required part we are working with, or gauge or glass instrument.. then test what we need and hit. rebuild.. to repeat the process.. wasting a huge amount of time repositioning ourselves to be able to test something.

This makes the developer camera only useful to inspect the aircraft, but really, we can't use it for testing any developing we do.. so is not really a developer camera at this time I am afraid.

If this is not possible to be improved, can we make the drone camera "static" or "persistent" instead? in other word, when we hit "rebuilt" in a project, can the drone camera stay were it was previously avoiding us having to "reposition" ourselves to perform test, etc.?

Please take in consideration we can hit rebuild about 50 to 200 times during a single hour developing session, specially when working with HMTL, Java gauges, etc.. and when debugging problems.. so it is quiet a big deal having to reposition ourselves each time,

Many thanks for taking this request into consideration.

Kind Regards,

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