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Generate a procedural 3D infrastructure by tracing a footprint in Dev Mode

1 - It would be great if in Dev Mode, we could trace a footprint shape (like we do for plygons) and with a few paramters, generate a procedural infrastructure (type, region,stories, details on roof etc.).

2- In addition to creating manual infrastructure as described above, it could be a good idea if we can import OSM footprint data for a specific area and generate procedurally infrastructure using script parameters.

This would help users fill the gaps where Bing aerial imagery do not show the newly constructed buildings...

Customizing the facades is another great option. It could make regions have more granular architecture and become more lifelike and diversified.

Another related suggestion:
I already posted on here a suggestion to make the data driven procedural infrastructure of MSFS (autogen) available to customize (buildings types, height, custom facades etc)


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