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TaxiwayParking Numbers Options

Paolo Vittorini

May 5, 2022, 18:01 GMT+2

Just for a future SDK update:

1) I have found that adding a parking as RAMP and then change it from RAMP to GATE in the parking properties, the SDK considers it a kind of "halfway" between a GATE and a RAMP. It gives you the yellow warning, but not the possibility to add the SimObject "Jetway" or "Boarding Stairs". Gates must be added directly as a GATEs, or they will not work.

2) When numbering the parkings we have the option to add the number and then the suffix letter. If it is a gate, we now can add the GATE_(letter) (ie. gate "B12") for gates, but for parkings not named as GATEs it not possible. Actually we could not number "East Parking B12", but only 12B. It would be nicer to have a Prefix besides the Suffix, so we all could number every parking spot accordingly: "12", B12, 12B, B12A, etc.

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Hello @Viktoren69

For the 1), we have opened an issue on our side and we are investigating this

Adnd for the 2), can you edit the title to reflect the idea you suggest



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Ok. Titile changed.
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