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Better Aircraft matching/substitution of AI & MP planes

Aircraft matching for AI planes and especially MP Planes seems to need some attention.
Currently, users are experiencing some very unexpected matching/substitution, and this will only get more randomly out of control, as more planes and livery hit the market, created by developers, without a full understanding of the matching/substitution process.

Its a complex subject to address, and will probably need both ASOBO, as well ans anyone developing Planes or Liveries, to work together to make this model matching work in an optimum way.

I am not going to claim I have all the answers, or even all the questions, but I would like to throw some ideas out there, for discussion.

(1) Everyone needs to have some Idea how Model matching works, and what to expect.

(2) Plane developers and Livery maker need a far more detailed comprehension of how the matching works, so they can produce products that work correctly with model matching system,
This is key, to getting a robust matching system.

TO this end, I would suggest we need to see,

(a) A basic description of how the Model matching system works.

(b) For Plane developers, and Livery makers, a VERY PRECISE exposure of the matching system.
I would even go as far as suggesting that the actual Model matching code be exposed, rather than an attempt of trying to describe its complexities.

That way Plane developers and Livery makers can actually 100% test their products matching against what the sim will actually do,

So I am going to make that a Request:

Please expose the actual Model matching code


Another thought associated with Model matching.:

For each MP server, MS know what planes are being flow.

It would be most informative to both Players as well as developers, to see a regularly updated list (weekly or Monthly), of all Planes Models/Liveries flown on MP, along with each Models/Liveries connection hours. Maybe in the form of a spreadsheet.

As well as proving information about the most popular planes, it would also, maybe more importantly, provide a list of almost every Plane/Livery currently in existence, being used in MSFS, and a help to those trying to understand the Matching/substitution process, and create product that work correctly within that system.

Also see:

  • In multiplayer you won’t see each other aircraft properly because FS2020 is either mocking other players aircraft with one from the defaults, or from an optimized pool of generic 3D models (depending on your settings).

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