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IcemanFBW suggested Arzop commented

Support historical weather in-sim & with upcoming weather API

Since this rides the fine line between sim and SDK feature, I'm mentioning the upcoming weather API in this post, as having access to past weather for an area during a flight (within last ~24 hours at least) as well as TAF predictions for the near future is a must-have, especially for planned IFR flights and realistic airline dispatch/planning and operation.

Is this feature planned for the sim? Or does the Meteoblue contract place restrictions on using anything but present-time weather? Thanks!

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EPellissier commented

Just to clarify things a bit:the next API to be released through the SDK is the Terrain & Weather Radar Maps API. It won't provide direct access to raw weather data but instead let you require customized bitmaps from the sim in order to display them in your cockpit.

More APIs will come in the future but a more focused Weather API that would let you probe for information anywhere in the world, with or without history, is not scheduled yet.

Best regards,

Eric / Asobo

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What is the level of customization of the bitmaps, besides color customization? Can multiple levels of precipitation be specified? Can tilt, gain, and mode (weather; turbulence, hazards aka hail/thunderstorms, or any combination of the three) be specified when setting parameters for the bitmap? Does it support predictive windshear?
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Is it possible to get a reply to this? It is very important for us to know what to expect before SU10 is finalized. Thanks!

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This API will provide a bitmap according to your choice:

  • 2D/3D terrain
  • Terrain colored with Aerial or custom colors according to its altitude
  • Weather radar (top view, horizontal, vertical) with custom colors
  • Some others parameters (zoom, isolines, custom LatLon, Custom Orientation...)

Then, you can obviously do whatever you want with this bitmap (draw over it...)

Best Regards

Maxime / Asobo

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When you say "not scheduled yet" does it mean there are discussion of making those available at some point?

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We are always reviewing recurring inquiries from the Developers Community - so yes we already discussed such an API internally. The topic hasn't moved forward recently but I am unsure if it is because of a lack of time or contract issues (I suspect the main reason is the first one).

Best regards,

Eric / Asobo
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