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Add in Oil amount, capacity, burn rate etc. sim vars and cfg variables

Please add in sim vars and cfg variables to allow for simulating affects due to oil consumption and engine wear. (for 8 engines)

The Oil amount variable is deprecated (and is a constant 5 quarts,). 3rd party devs would like the ability to provide oil wear and tear on the engine.

Perhaps an [Oil System] section and grow it as needed. Other devs can add to this idea/request.

[Oil Section]

engine_oil_capacity:N - capacity of oil sump per engine index

engine_oil_burn_rate:N - engine oil burn rate - say qts/hour 1D table - vs rpm, vs eng temp ??

engine_oil_viscosity:N - something based on temp, may affect oil burn rate, engine starting friction, engine heat etc.


A:Engine_oil_quantity:N - engine oil sump left



Station for oil - Weight and Balance

Things similar to Legacy [Fuel] section and engine fuel cfg variables.

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