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trimgoat654 asked Boris_ commented

How can I debug CGL for my custom aerial image

Hey all, I'm working on a general aviation airport and I managed to get custom mesh and texture inside the package

I used this guy's video as tutorial and reference

It looks like I set the CGL packages correctly (at least no build error)


And I get the aerial image in this folder, but at last the google earth aerial image does not show up in the sim. I built the package, no error. The CGL package is in the project.

I doubt that could I put the big google earth map at the wrong places?

Is there a way to teleport camera to that location or what am I missing really? Did the system changed in these 2 years?

PS:does the transparency affect this problem? Cause I set all the images opcaity to 75%

But anyway I cannot proceed because I need debugging tools

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Boris_ avatar image Boris_ ♦♦ commented ·

Hello @trimgoat654 ,

The opacity is not a problem and you can see that in the sample "SimpleAerial".

You can use the tool in Option > Ground > "Tile debug" which will show you some informations according to the selected tile, its base Aerial and your custom (secondary) Aerial.

We will update the documentation on this feature but in the meantime here is some help:
- use the QuadKey input to retrieve the tile you need to debug (the number is the same as the png name

- then you can check the original Aerial in "AerialOnlyDependanciesRefs" > "Aerial"

- you can check if your Aerial for the selected tile is taken into account with "AerialOnlyDependanciesRefs" > "Secondary Aerial"


Can you send me your project please ? I will have a look at it.
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