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thetford569 asked thetford569 commented

SDK 19 Blender Model Live Reload not working again in SU10

I updated to SDK19 on my dev laptop and blender live model reload is not working again. I can only get my live reload to work in the sim if I open the gltf in notepad++ and save it there. Then it will reload in the sim. Just exporting from the Asobo exporter will not get it to reload even though the exporter is writing all the files correctly (I looked at the time stamps). This was working fine on SDK 18 on my home computer just a few days ago. Can anyone else verify?

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WombiiActual avatar image WombiiActual commented ·

Is it possible it was working before because you were exporting models without textures?

I have had to use the text editor work around since last year for textured models.

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HybridNZ avatar image HybridNZ commented ·

It's the same as before, sometimes works, sometimes doesn't. Just open and save the GTLF in visual studio code which will force the live reset/reload. Make sure you're in the scenery editor at the time. For model textures to update you need to build the package and reload it.
If you're having real issues try removing the cache directories to force a proper from scratch rebuild. This works 100% of the time.

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thetford569 avatar image thetford569 commented ·

I was updating textured models in the sim last week. I was under the impression that this was fixed with the SU10 beta which I have been using. They just released a new beta build and I suspect that the new build has made this broken again to where you have to use a text editor to make it work. I was definitely updating textured models though and you could see the model disappear and reload after export. Now it does nothing unless you use a text editor. To make this clear I am now on SU10 build

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thetford569 avatar image thetford569 commented ·

Now that I"ve updated my home computer to SU10 and SDK 19 I can't even get the models to update with the text editor workaround anymore. The model does not auto refresh at all anymore....hmmm.....

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thetford569 avatar image thetford569 commented ·

What cache directories are you speaking of? I've cleaned and rebuilt packages and have done all of those things and it still doesn't work. I was in the scenery editor too.....and I've manually changed the GTLF using text editor which usually works.

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