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lyonhaart001 asked FlyingRaccoon commented

Forward / Backward playing Special Sounds issue on an Local Var with WWISE

Hello Team Asobo, Flying Raccoon, and fellow Developers.

Quick question. I am trying to play sounds 'forward only' and 'backward only' on Local Var's and having an issue. With two different sounds assigned to an Local Var, only one will play and it plays both ways, ignoring 'Direction' assignment. Is this a bug?

I have tried Special sounds using WwiseData="false" entry and adding sounds based on LVar's and that didnt work. I then used 'AnimationTrigger' sections in the model XML and those link to sound strings in the Sound.XML and those two malfunction, but at least I get the sounds playing backards and forwards. (The sound doesnt play backwards, it plays on the back-swing of the animation. The sound occurs fine, playing with lvar turning on, and lvar turning off). But I cannot seem to get two sounds on 'a' single Local Var.

Am I doing something wrong?
Sample; Model XML entry

<AnimationTriggers Animation="MyAnimationName4">

<EventTrigger NormalizedTime="1" Count="1" Direction="Forward">

<SoundEvent WwiseEvent="custom_sound_12" Action="Play"/>



Sound XML Entry;
<Sound WwiseData="false" WwiseEvent="custom_sound_12" FileName="door_opening_lh" NodeName="Door Inner LH" LocalVar="DOOR_LH" Continuous="false" ViewPoint="Inside" Direction="Forward" LowerBound="1.0"/>

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lyonhaart001 avatar image lyonhaart001 commented ·
Side note. I am using standard MSFS, not the Beta.
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lyonhaart001 avatar image lyonhaart001 commented ·

Hello Sylvain and team,

I spent the day yesterday on this trying over and over to get 2 sounds to run on one Local Var and there appeared to be no way. I tried through AnimationTriggers, SimVar Animations/LocalVar, and also Animations sections of the SoundXML and ModelXML combined. :( I hope my findings are wrong and I am just missing something.

I have tried the forward/backward routes and also the 'Range' system doesnt seem to function with Local Vars as well.

I am not using the Beta of SU10, just regular vanilla SU9.

Sample (one of many) of what I had been working with yesterday;

<Sound Wwisedata="false" WwiseEvent="custom_sound_12" FileName="door_opening_lh" LocalVar="DOOR_LH" NodeName="Door Inner LH" Continuous="false" Direction="Both" Units="PERCENT" ViewPoint="Inside">


and with ranges attached but had many variations to get some sort of response of variation. They run as one single version in both directions.

<Range LowerBound="1.0"/>

<Range LowerBound="1.0" UpperBound="0.2"/>


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FlyingRaccoon avatar image FlyingRaccoon ♦♦ commented ·
Hello @lyonhaart001

Can you provide us with a package that produces this behavior so we can have a look?


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