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Engine Sound Cutting Out, Exterior View

Hello Team Asobo and Flying Raccoon Aka Silvain, and Bruno

Quick question. I have a plane I am building, nearing completion. I found that I can run a stock Asobo plane 'PCK system' with its Sound.XML alongside a Legacy sound file. I did this so I can run my own engine sound, and use the Asobo PCK SoundXML system for the various toggle switch sounds and sound effects. I deleted the engine section in the Sound.XML.

Things were going lovely but in the past few days, I suddenly have intermittent exterior sound cutting out, the engine sounds in the Legacy package. So odd. They run fine, then stop working, then work again. Like 4 times off/2 times on. You go from inside view to outside view, fine. Do that again and the engine outside is silent. Cycle again, silent. Cycle again, sound is back.

Is there a reason for this that you know of? Is there a cause for this to happen so I can repair it? Its so nice to have sounds again, my own radial engine sounds, and also unique Asobo click sounds and sound effects. I would hate to give up one for the other. Hoping you know of a fix. They seemed to be working perfect, and now they do not.

Let me know if you would like to test it and look it over.

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I got it working again. No idea what I did to break the first version, but doing a back-step of it all, starting all over again, and testing another base Asobo soundpack, I used the Savage Cub and that one worked great. Back to running Sound XML and Config systems in parrallel. :)

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