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Cedric_RTS asked Cedric_RTS commented

3dsMax Babylon exporter / multi Exporter pass wrong material ID on object.


Something strange here with some objects of my new project.
I have a big multi/sub-Object Material that I use like material library. When exporting a mesh with a mat ID of 147 on some polys (The one in red on picture A).msfs2020-bat01-a.png

Exporter pass on another texture/material (The one in blue on picture A) that normally is the ID 149.
msfs2020-bat01-b.pngIf the model is exported with just the ID 147 material applied to it, It works.msfs2020-bat01-c.png

Seems by the way that all materials ID numbered after 147 are causing troubles.

Is it some kind of limitation of gltf or the 3dsMax exporter ?



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Boris_ avatar image Boris_ ♦ commented ·

Hello @Cedric_RTS ,

What's your 3DS Max and sdk-core version ?

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Cedric_RTS avatar image Cedric_RTS Boris_ ♦ commented ·
3ds Max 2020 and sdk Core
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Boris_ avatar image Boris_ ♦ Cedric_RTS commented ·

@Cedric_RTS , Can you send us your max file ? It will help us to understand this behavior

See 3) Provide Private Content

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1 Answer

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Yasmine answered Cedric_RTS commented


To answer your question, there is no IDs limitation in the exporter.

We tested your model and the result was fine in game with IDs > 147. Be careful when you duplicate materials and leave them empty it could fail the material export because 3ds max considers that after your empty material there is no other materials.




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Cedric_RTS avatar image Cedric_RTS commented ·
Was not aware of this 3dsmax Limitation (Not exporting after empty materials). Never had this issue before.

Thanks for the answers !


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