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DA40CGDFQ asked FlyingRaccoon commented

[SU11 Beta] incorrect Metadata reference in error detail on Consloe log

I had an issue with duplicate animations and the build errored out as expected. However the meta data information was not correct in my opinion. - It kept referencing LOD02 (last LOD in my project) when it should have referenced the LOD that it was building.

as can be seen in the pics. first pic the LOD00 is being built,

da40cgdfq-08-20221016-09h54m36s.pngCompiling GLTF data file SGS233AAircraft_Cockpit_LOD01.gltf...but the error line
Duplicate animation name: animation[29] : 'INSTRUMENT_Knob_Altimeter_1'.
the details reference Metadata LOD02 (see pic2)


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FlyingRaccoon avatar image FlyingRaccoon ♦♦ commented ·

Hello @DA40CGDFQ

As the message is identical, maybe existing metadata are overwritten. I'll debug this.
Can you provide the faulty gltf by any chance?


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DA40CGDFQ avatar image DA40CGDFQ FlyingRaccoon ♦♦ commented ·

This happens because I am on the bleeding edge of technology. I have the ASOBO blender exporter, and forked it with updates for the breaking changes in blender 3.3.1 (Comp node (SeprateRGB) rename) and other fixes. However the Khronos gltf export code now does some additional exporting of node as as animations due to some requirement for constraints.

What this does is make an animation name the same as the node name even if the node does not have an animation. This can happen when you have two objects in blender CubeA and CubeB. Then make an animation on CubeB and name it CubeA (yes name the animation the same as the other node). This has a practical application as in the DA40NG - you name the knob that turns the altimeter like that. Obect A is "knob Visual", object B is "knob", then you set the animation name for Object A ("knob Visual") to "knob".

Please pass this along to your new Blender exporter person ;-) . My git is ronh991

To fix this issue you now need to check the checkbox for "Optimize Animation Size"


Just make three exports of this blend file as LOD00, LOD01 and LOD02 and build a project with them and see the metadata error issue.

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FlyingRaccoon avatar image FlyingRaccoon ♦♦ DA40CGDFQ commented ·
Thank you @DA40CGDFQ . I'm checking this.
@Yasmine FYI
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