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bert.laverman asked bert.laverman commented

Bug in Sample project or Visual Studio plugin? Directory "SimConnect SDKWASM"

After doing a fresh install of Visual Studio 2022 (scrubbed all) installations beforehand, I tried to open the GaugeAircraft SampleWasmModule project. The problem of being unable to load the MSFS Target seems to be still there, so I added Visual Studio 2019 to sidestep that.

Now, when I open the project, I get a lot of errors referring to the "*.designtime.log" files, which told me VS was unable to find the actual platform files.

The path it tries to use is "<SDK-install-path>\SimConnect SDKWASM\vs\2022", while the actual path should be "<SDK-install-path>\WASM\vs\2022". Unsure where this originates...

Bert Laverman

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The workaround is just to make a copy of the WASM directory and name that "SimConnect SDKWASM"...

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