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Deel asked MikeNolan commented

Is there a way to stop or pause a sound?

I need a sound to stop playing when a variable in the simulation is false and the sound to play when the variable is true.

I created an Event with type "stop" in wwise.

When I use the profiler in Wwise I see the event in stop but it does not stop the sound in the simulation

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1 Answer

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Simbol answered MikeNolan commented

Yes, have a look at the sound properties, LowerBound , UpperBound under <range> or the <Requires> tag any of these can be used for your purpuse.



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MikeNolan avatar image MikeNolan commented ·

Hi @Simbol ,

While this works for SimVar sounds, can it be applied to Animation Triggers? I've come across many cases where sounds are tied to an animation and suit a loop sample (canopy sliding, lever foley, wing folding etc), however I cannot find a way to stop animation sounds. I have tried creating Stop events in Wwise and calling them as such

<EventTrigger NormalizedTime="0.95" Direction="Backward">

<SoundEvent WwiseEvent="wing_fold" Action="Stop"/>


Nothing seems to work however. Can you please advise?

Alternatively is there a way to access an animations current value for Simvar sounds? UpperBound and LowerBound only apply to Simvars/Localvars, and it seems very inefficient to have to create an Lvar and update it with the animation value for the sole purpose of passing that through to Wwise.

FlyingIron Simulations

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Yoanito avatar image Yoanito ♦ MikeNolan commented ·

Hello @MikeNolan

To control a sound with an animation you need to use the attributes Animation & Model instead of Simvar Index & Units, for example :

<Sound WwiseEvent=" Sound_For_Test_1" WwiseData="true" NodeName="Node_Test_1" Model="Interior" Animation=”Animation_Test_1"> </Sound> 

You can find the documentation about those two attributes here.

Best Regards,

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MikeNolan avatar image MikeNolan Yoanito ♦ commented ·

Hi @Yoanito, thanks very much for your answer! That is exactly what I was looking for! Somehow I never saw that functionality in the attributes table. Much appreciated,


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Simbol avatar image Simbol MikeNolan commented ·
Animation sounds are animation sounds, to stop an animation sound, well you have to stop the animation..

You will need to drive the animation yourself for this purpose, or do a full wise event instead and not use animation sounds. think outside of the box.. wink.


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MikeNolan avatar image MikeNolan Simbol commented ·
Actually, animation sounds don't stop with the animation, they only trigger a sound to play when specified by the triggers. That's the reason for my question - can animation sounds be told to 'stop' with the animation?

Wwise events can only be triggered by Simvars/Lvars, so it is not possible to use an animation to drive them unless you pass through the animation value as an Lvar

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