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thealx asked

Get VR/TrackIR cockpit camera pitch and yaw values

I have tried to ask the same question on the main MSFS forum but looks like it is too specific, maybe here I can get some clues.

I’m trying to simulate a helmet-mounted display for my jetpack project (it’s like a HUD glass but always in front of the cockpit camera).

I have partial success - by using simvars CAMERA GAMEPLAY PITCH YAW:0 and CAMERA GAMEPLAY PITCH YAW:1 I am able to rotate dynamic texture quite smoothly, but with mouse movements only. When I use a head tracker or VR, this variable does not react to head pitch/yaw changes. It doesn't seem to be a bug - during VR mode the mouse still works, so what I really miss - another variable specifically for tracking device rotation values. Are there any? Or tracking angles can be added to the CAMERA GAMEPLAY PITCH YAW value - not perfect but fair solution.

Years ago I worked as a dev on a helicopter sim, where we had an actual node in the cockpit following the camera, so it was possible to add a child element to it and then the child always rotated/moved together with the camera, but that will not work in MSFS as I can see. Maybe alternative methods of rendering exist that can do the same job - draw dynamic data on the screen in a fixed position. Any suggestions are welcome.

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