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mamudesign asked Misfit79 commented

What parameter defines an helicopter?


ui_typerole=Rotorcraft in aircraft.cfg

makes the simboject spawnable on helipads

But there is glitch on the worldmap: clicking on the H (heliport) as departure, using proper Asobo helis, snaps the start location to first helipad for that heliport

Using old non-really-proper-but-still-nice "helicopters like flying stuff" corrected with ui_typerole, clicking in the H in worldmap as departure, the generic "RUNWAY" remains selected, and clicking in fly now the spawn location is gonna be the "H" positioning itself:the center of the airport

Sooo... What .cfg or .flt parameter is the worldmap looking for for correct spawn?

Of course cloning ALL the .flt and .cfg from a proper Asobo helicopter to other helicopter-like simobject fix the issue, so it must be another parameter (not inside the aircraft.cfg)

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Misfit79 avatar image Misfit79 commented ·

To add to this, I have a airfield with One Cold Start, two runway starts and a helipad and the legacy chopper work fine with the mod, however a pad with no runways and just a helipad does not.

They do work correctly with msfs choppers.

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