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RomanDesign asked RomanDesign commented

Exporting with new SDK

Hi, I'm having problems building and exporting my packages in the new SDK. I open my package (last built in December) and it opens OK. Then the problems start:

1. I click on "build and export" select a brand new folder for the export, it seems to build OK but in the console there is a warning "PackageBuilder | Failed to find asset group for file ....EXPORT.ZIP". And then it says "PARTIAL BUILD", so that doesn't look good. When I build again, the warning is there again, despite the fact that the is in the folder. What's wrong and how do I solve this?1626367866896.png

2. As my project had the default modelLib.BGL filename in it, I decided to change it for something custom, as this is supposedly not good. So I renamed BGL and ArtProj assets to a custom name, and rendered again. No new errors, however when I look into the, I still have the defailt name of modelLib.BGL instead of the new renamed name. Why? How do I rename it properly and make the build and export to generate the new name?




3. When I check compatibility of my airports for Xbox, I'm not sure what to do. My files are fairly optimized, but the Statistics Profiler shows some red in my airport areas. However if I filter just the Asobo generic airport objects that are used a lot in all my airports (and all others), most of them are also showing red - too little LOD levels, too many textures etc. So even if I manage to optimize my objects further, most Asobo objects will still be red in the Statistics Profiler too. So is there any single "pass/fail" Xbox checker? Or should I ignore the red and submit my airports with Xbox checked anyway? Not sure what to do. Will the QA team test my airports after I update them with new SDK and export for Xbox option checked, and pass or fail them for Xbox? Or should I disable Xbox because not all my objects have 4 LOD levels etc. (although they still are quite optimized usually)?

4. My animated simObjects that looked animated before (animated flags) are not animated anymore when loaded in the Scenery Editor. Is this a new bug? Does it mean my animated simObjects won't work anymore, or is it just a presentation bug in the Scenery Editor and can be ignored?

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FlyingRaccoon answered RomanDesign commented

First, the SDK version will have no impact on the way your package are built and exported. Only the game version will.

1 - This is a false positive. The PackageBuilder is looking for files that changed since the last build and trying to find a matching asset group type for this file. Your .zip file being in your project directory, it is detected as a modified file.
I will report this bug so we get rid of it. Sorry for the inconvenience.

2 - Rotornut answered correctly, we will look to improve the workflow for this.

3 - Our artist team focused on the most cumbersome assets for optimization but this is still work in progress. The statistics profiler is just an helper tool to diagnose where you can gain performance but this is informative only and you'll still be able to export package with red fields.
In the end, you should check the Xbox checkbox and Microsoft will test your package during the ingestion process.

4 - Are your animations still working once your package is built and copied to Community?
Are you having this issue with all your animated objects? With assets provided with the game?


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RomanDesign avatar image RomanDesign commented ·
Thanks a lot for the detailed answer! I haven't tested the animation from a rendered project copied into Community folder yet. While in Scenery Editor, stock windsock object seems to animate fine, but my flags, that also react to wind direction and weave in the wind, are not animated anymore. I will test in Community folder and report.
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rotornut44 answered RomanDesign commented

To rename the modellib.bgl, you need to rename the modellib folder in your PackageSources. Whatever you name it will be the name of the compiled BGL. Dont forget to update the directory path in the project editor!

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RomanDesign avatar image RomanDesign commented ·

Thanks. Do you know anything about my other 3 issues?

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