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Kem_Pesim asked Flysimware edited

Electrical sdk issue


We have a curious issue , as our system cfg shows power values but in the project editor , all values are at 0.
Nothing we can to do to fix this , and so it seems that we can't add more electrical system from now.
Thanks for the help.
Kind regards

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Simbol avatar image Simbol commented ·

I am totally loss with your description. Would it be possible for you to share screen or something to describe this better? With the data you shared, is very likely we will be unable to help you.



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Flysimware answered Flysimware edited

The SU11 SE editor now changes the format for the electrical section. Also updates all cfg files to remove spaces and reduce values down to the thousandths.

So any custom type names need to be CIRCUIT_XML. And if you have spaces the AE will not read the info so that is why you have zero values. Try to click the Save & Resync rather than sync. Then open the cfg in notepad++ and you should see all the corrections. Any type names that are not in the drop down from the AE will now be removed. So I simply had to update 14 myself from 0-13. Here is my last entry showing 13.

circuit.77 = Type:CIRCUIT_XML:13#Connections:bus.4:-1#Power:5,10,10#Name:Radar ; Radar 20W

I forget exactly but if the name is custom and you save & sync it should look like this since it does not recognize this type.

circuit.77 = Type:""#""#""#Name:Radar ; Radar 20W
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FlyingRaccoon avatar image FlyingRaccoon ♦♦ commented ·
Hello @Kem_Pesim

As Flysimware mentioned, we have an issue with the Aircraft Editor misinterpreting the electrical system when lines are containing spaces. We will fix this in an upcoming update.

In the meantime, can you confirm removing the spaces solves the issue for you?

@Flysimware Just taking the opportunity to thank you from the support team for all the answers you provided lately. This is the spirit of this platform and every answer than can be provided by the community allows the Asobo team to focus on issues where we are the only one who can answer.
So thank you ;)


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Flysimware avatar image Flysimware FlyingRaccoon ♦♦ commented ·

@FlyingRaccoon Glad I can help as I am very happy that MS and Asobo came together to bring the best simulator possible for everyone. I also appreciate Asobo willing to consider my suggestions as we progress forward. Happy Flying!

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