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Grinde81 asked Grinde81 commented

How to add mesh to A320NEO winglet and linking to wing flex movement?


The default Asobo A320NEO has an issue with the winglet decal texture/uv, both sides share the same texture-space/UV, even though the texture is clearly baked/dilated for both winglets having individual UV locations.

This causes whatever logo/text on the decal texture to be mirrored on the left side ("copied" from the right).


Material: LIVERY


It would only require Asobo to move the left winglet UV coordinates slightly to the right to fix this(and flip X-direction).

This has been reported before, but no fix yet.

I've been trying some stuff with the msfs2blender2msfs exporter/merger from FBW.

  1. Create my own winglet decal mesh with separate UV space for both sides in a separate texture or creating mesh decals. The problem with this method is that I can't figure out how to attach the new mesh to the wingflex-movement, the decal hangs in a fixed position while the wing is moving.
  2. Create a transparent dublicate mesh of the default winglet-decal, with correct UV positions, and then try to make the default winglet mesh get its UV coordinates from my corrected duplicates. But doing this I end up with non-matching vertex-numbers for some reason, not working....

Would any of you have any suggestions how to get around this problem...?

And/Or is there a non-desctruve way to to edit the original gltf/mesh and have left winglet UV coordinates moved X pixels to the right, into the right spot?

Can Submodel Merging be used?


Best Regards


wl1.jpeg (350.7 KiB)
wl2.jpeg (351.3 KiB)
wl3.jpg (1.0 MiB)
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Grinde81 avatar image Grinde81 commented ·

How about this...

Do any of you know of any way to edit the .gltf to attach a feely floating mesh (Left winglet duplicate with different UV) to the same wingflex animation/bone/node as the left winglet?

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