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mroschk asked uraymeiviar answered

Icing and Rain on Windshield MSFS Material in Blender


i have added a Windshield MSFS Material on my Aircrafts Visual Cockpit View.
Now, this have a nice Rain Effect and i also have Wipers, but the Raindrops are not going away by the Wipers. Now i found in the Windshiedl Material Properties 2 Options for Wipers.
But i dont know what they are doing and how to use them ?

Also the Raindrop Scale seams not to have any influence on the Raindrops on the Windshield ?


Thanks for any Help


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Flysimware avatar image Flysimware commented ·

Blender is not supported by Asobo or part of the SDK tools. You may have to speak to a community that creates the Blender tools. I would not expect to get any help here as this is foreign to the Asobo team. 3DS Max is the current modeling program that Asobo supports.

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DA40CGDFQ avatar image DA40CGDFQ Flysimware commented ·
Yes Blender is supported by ASOBO.
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Flysimware avatar image Flysimware DA40CGDFQ commented ·


I was not aware of that. Do they offer an option to install tools to Blender like 3ds max from the SDK? I do not think so. So are you just saying they support with help and maybe tools from another location? Fill me in as I am not a blender guy but good to know to help others here.

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DA40CGDFQ avatar image DA40CGDFQ commented ·
Open an issue on the ASOBO blender git site. Maybe provide a small blend file as an example too.As can been seen ASOBO has restarted the Blender updates.
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mroschk avatar image mroschk DA40CGDFQ commented ·

thanks a lot for the answer and sorry for to be soo late.
I did not get a Info about your Answers ...


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1 Answer

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uraymeiviar answered

wiper wipe is still not supported either on blender or max

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