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swede001 asked


Hi again, sorry to disturb you with more questions!

It is very unfortunate that the SIMCONNECT_DATA_FACILITY_AIRPORT class does not contain the region. Since all the other navaids like SIMCONNECT_DATA_FACILITY_WAYPOINT, SIMCONNECT_DATA_FACILITY_NDB and SIMCONNECT_DATA_FACILITY_VOR inherit from it, we could get the region for all these facilities it is was there.

The problem is uniqueness. As I understand it, region + ident makes something unique. If you get a few vors using RequestFacilitiesList or SubscribeToFacilities and want to get more details about them, then you can call RequestFacilityData (or _EX1) but if you don't have the region you are not guaranteed to get a unique response.

Would it be possible to add region to SIMCONNECT_DATA_FACILITY_AIRPORT? Or is there a better way to achieve this? Since it is not possible to get all vors for example at once (which would be best!) like you can do with airports, you have to subscribe or search nearby vors and that search just return basic data so you have to make another call to the the details for each of them.

A related problem exists when you want to create a flight planning tool. You'll need all the items (vors, waypoints etc.) between origin and destination to be able to select a good route but you cannot get them in advance until you fly to them??? Is there a solution for that?

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