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Simbol asked Simbol edited

Mousewheel events for html / js instruments

Dear Asobo,

Is there any way to add an event listener to the muse wheel for BaseInstuments extensions? I have tried everything and it never fires.. all the other events do (mouseup, mousedown, etc.) but the wheel, onwheel, mousewheel, etc. never fires at all..

I am missing something?

Best Regards.

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Boris_ avatar image Boris_ ♦ commented ·

Hi Raul,

For some reason, mousewheel for baseinstruments in js has never been implemented.
I can't give an ETA on this but it's a subject we will discuss internally.
I will let you know when I know more,


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Simbol avatar image Simbol Boris_ ♦ commented ·

Hi Boris,

Thanks for the response, as a feedback this would be a very welcome feature. Example of usage is not only maps but the displaying of navigational data such as airport charts, navigation charts, pictures with information, etc. In addition we could use this to scale up / down hmtl content allowing users to read more easily certain parts of out elements, for example a table with text information, etc.

While we can put buttons to Zoom in / Zoom out on these html elements most users find it difficult to click these during flight when turbulence is having an effect, causing miss clicks, etc. and the mousewheel of course is the default behaviour for zoom in html so having this enable would be the best experience.

In addition if I might ask, could I create a html element using a different class (not map) that implements the mouse wheel event? I have seen reference to his inside some .JS files for the AS3000 using the extent navsystems, however not sure if it would work or how to implement to be honest.

Thanks for the help.


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1 Answer

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runshotgun answered Simbol commented
document.addEventListener("mousewheel", <event>);
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Simbol avatar image Simbol commented ·

Thanks Kev,

I used that.. it doesn't work on JS Instruments.. apparently only on panels (Working title advise to me).

In hence I am asking Asobo, how we do it for JS Instruments?


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