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MarcinG asked MarcinG commented

Empty logbook entries

I'm facing a problem while working on my custom mission. Upon completing it the logbook entry has 00:00:000 as time. The plane name is correct, the departure and arrival airport as well. Time of take off/landing is the same in both though. It seems to be connected with Flow States. I am using RACE_RENO at the moment, but same thing happens with RACE_LOWALTITUDE. Developer mode is off.

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Yes, it would be great to know how the logbook works (And what all the different functions and uses of FlowStates are).

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MarcinG avatar image MarcinG Mr_LiamT commented ·
I figured that one, but it feels like workaround. I was using FLIGHT_RUNWAY in order to get every plane properly initialized when mission starts (it is my understanding that plane's runway.FLT file is used in this state). Now what I was doing is force changing to a "race" state after short wait action. When I let the FLIGHT_RUNWAY finish on its own (when plane is in the air) and jump to next state, the logbook entries are properly generated.
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