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Mr_LiamT asked BuffyGC answered

Race: 'IgnoreAfterFirstLap' doesn't work correctly

I've set up a race course with multiple GateRacePoints. The race goes for 3 laps, and I want to have the first race gate at the runway, that will only be used for the first lap. I made a GateRacePoint for it, and added the 'IgnoreAfterFirstLap' sub-element. The race starts how I intended it, the player has to go through the runway gate, then they fly around the course. But when they passed all the gates of lap 1, they have to go through the runway gate again.


This problem is caused by the game thinking the player is still in the first lap. The next lap only starts when you pass the first gate of the next lap. But 'IgnoreAfterFirstLap' is not factored in, and the game thinks the player has to pass the runway gate. On later laps, the problem goes away, because the race is not in the first lap anymore.

I have made a demonstration project:

To get the debug view, enable World Objects debug drawing under devmode Options. When you load the project, you can start 2 missions, gate race and gate race 2. Gate race has the situation as described, and gate race 2 has the second gate 'IgnoreAfterFirstLap', which works correctly.

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BuffyGC answered

Hi @Mr_LiamT,

I have only read your description and have not flown the race, but to me the behavior of the sim sounds correct.

Round 1 ends with the second passing of the gate on the runway and thus the gate is also ignored only afterwards and not before. To me this is correct. After the second passing, round 1 ends and round 2 begins and then it is also ignored.
Of course, this does not achieve your goal, but the "IgnoreAfterFirstLap" seems to be correct according to your description.

Can you disable the runway gate in another way when reaching the last gate on the first lap?


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