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astaticmusic asked Boris_ commented

Apron textures are sliding left and right upon reentering the edit mode

i place the textures where i need them, and save the scenery. i can build the package and put it in the community folder, but if i go back into the sim and - back into editing the airport, the textures will have shifted to the left or the right, which gives the appearance of them being gone. its a major pain because i cant be fixing every texture layer every time i go in to edit the airport, i spend longer fixing the textures than i do editing what i need to do next!! anybody have this trouble??

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Boris_ avatar image Boris_ ♦ commented ·
Hello @astaticmusic,

Can you show us with some screenshots (before / after) and send us your project please ? See 3) Provide Private Content
Do you have this behavior on other airports ?


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