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vpilot asked vpilot commented

Projected Mesh invisible when exported with official blender addon

I have been trying to export my projected meshes with the official blender addon, but when inserted in the project, it appears for about 1 sec then it becomes invisible. I am not sure if I have the right settings when I export. When opened in modelconvertedx it looks correct.

When I use the old (non-official) the projectedmesh appears when inserted but it exports without custom properties.

I apply all transforms always.

Any help will be appreciated.

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Boris_ avatar image Boris_ ♦ commented ·

Hello @vpilot ,

I could not reproduce this using the latest version of the plugin.

Can you send us your project and .blend file? See 3) Provide Private Content

Make sure you are using the latest version (1.3.0) and please only post issues related to msfs blender exporter in our github next time ;)


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Boris_ answered vpilot commented

Hello @vpilot ,

It seems that the materials you are using on both objects in blender are causing this behavior.

I suggest you use the latest official blender msfs exporter and then delete the old material and create a new material for each object. Clean up your package (Clean All) / Build and import your projected mesh and it should be fine.


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vpilot avatar image vpilot commented ·

@Boris_ I used the latest official blender msfs exporter (1.3.0), and made new materials just for the project I sent you.

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HybridNZ avatar image HybridNZ vpilot commented ·
Also, make sure when you bring it into the sim you have the correct material and priority flags set on your projected mesh if you haven't already.

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vpilot avatar image vpilot HybridNZ commented ·


I did all that but for some reason if I export with the official addon, the PMs do not look ok, specifically lines and other small stuff.

The PMs only work and appear fine in the scene exporting with the old MSFS Toolkit (non official). I have another PC with blender and the old addon installed just to export these, but it is a lot of work to have to move the files just to export them with the old non official addon. Also, some custom properties are not exported this way, (e.g alpha, metal, etc)

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TDM_SceneryDesign answered

I work with 3DS MAX, but this same problem usually happens to me if I try to export the projected mesh as a multi-part model.

What I usually do is, even if I have several materials and parias layers/models, is to atach everything and convert everything into a single model before exporting and then it is fully visible.

For example, if you look at the screenshot, you will see that this model consists of 5 parts and 5 materials, but in the end I converted everything into a single model, if I don't do that, when I export it, the same thing happens to me as you.

Once positioned this same model all the other layers is easy, because as I work on the same model and then I use the same coordinates and everything works fine.

I'm sorry if I don't make myself well understood, but I don't speak english and I have to translate everything, my native language is spanish.




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