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mseeds asked superspud commented

Collisions for SimObjects

Hi I am trying to enable collisions on a SimObject

Not working as of yet

hr = SimConnect_SetClientData(hSimConnect, CLIENT_DATA_ID_ENABLE_COLLISIONS, DEFINITION_ID_ENABLE_COLLISIONS, 0, 1, sizeof(EnableCollisionsData), &enableCollisionsData);
    if (FAILED(hr))
        printf("Failed to set client data.\n");
        return 1;
    // Set up AI create data
    CreateSimObjectData createData;
    memset(&createData, 0, sizeof(createData));
    strcpy_s(createData.Title, "Test");
    strcpy_s(createData.SimType, "Boat");
    createData.InitPos.Latitude = 52.010039;
    createData.InitPos.Longitude = -5.713197;
    createData.InitPos.Altitude = 0;
    createData.InitPos.Pitch = 0;
    createData.InitPos.Bank = 0;
    createData.InitPos.Heading = 0;
    createData.InitPos.OnGround = 1;
    createData.HasMovingPlatform = true;
    createData.InitPos.HasMovingPlatform = TRUE;
    // Create simulated object
    hr = SimConnect_AICreateSimulatedObject(hSimConnect, createData.Title, (SIMCONNECT_DATA_INITPOSITION&)createData.InitPos, REQUEST_ID_CREATE_OBJECT | REQUEST_FLAG_AI_CREATE_CLIENT_DATA );
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superspud avatar image superspud commented ·
I've found the regular collision boxes supplied by the Asobo Blender exporter, and I presume the 3ds Max one too, work fine on Simobjects when a moving platform is added at least.
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