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Kaiii3 asked Kaiii3 commented

[SU12B] AI Changes - Arrival Traffic [Improvement confirmed]

Hey Sylvain @FlyingRaccoon

to take SU12B to the limtis we have disabled all our workarounds in AIGTC Traffic Controller.

Regarding the arrvial AI traffic issue we have reported in SU11B I can report that we are now back to pre SU11 AI state based on our initial tests. AI is arriving but seems to not follow STAR aproaches setup in the airport - we will do more tests on this over the next days.

(I have not seen this fix in the ChangeLog, only a fix for departing live AI traffic)

Can you tell us what you guys have changed and what AI should do/what we should expect to happen? This would make testing a bit more easier and we can report with more details.

Attached is a screenshot of SimConnect injected AI at KSFO


arrivals-sfo.png (1.4 MiB)
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FlyingRaccoon answered Kaiii3 commented

Hello @Kaiii3

The AI selecting the appropriate STAR is part of the "Fixed SimConnect injected traffic planes not following the assigned flight plan" line.

I'm not sure what I'm supposed to conclude from your picture...
What STAR have you assigned to your AIs? Can you provide us with those specific flight plans and dFlightPlanPosition passed to your SimConnect_AICreateEnrouteATCAircraft call?


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Kaiii3 avatar image Kaiii3 commented ·

We have not assinged any STAR or Runway to the flightplan, the last waypoint in the PLN is about 80-100nm away from the airport, because based on our understand internal ATC would take care of assigning SID/STAR. It is a bit hard for us in SimConnect to asigned SID/STAR or Runways since we do not know the ATC assinged runway when creating the PLN on runtime or the METAR to calculate what runway should be used.

We have tested in SU11 to add SID/STAR and AI was ignoring them, so if this is now possible I have to rewrite some parts or write a "Test-App" and report back. If SID/STAR for ATC controlled AI need now to be added to the PLN to be effective we need more access via SimConnect to get needed information - will get back to you on that later.

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Kaiii3 avatar image Kaiii3 commented ·
In addition:

Internal ATC STAR assingment worked in SU11 a bit (it always assinged the first STAR in the airport list), so my hope was that the ("always only one STAR"-Bug would be fixed and the internal ATC now takes all STAR and the AI airplanes position into consideration when assigning the STAR.

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FlyingRaccoon avatar image FlyingRaccoon ♦♦ Kaiii3 commented ·

Ah ok I understand your point.

Well, no, if you don't provide a SID/STAR in your flight plan, ATC will not assign any.

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Kaiii3 avatar image Kaiii3 FlyingRaccoon ♦♦ commented ·
ok, so we are back to the "old" way ATC works and the partial added STAR assignment from the last update (that was bugged) has been removed completly?
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